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} Animal Magnet

These “head and ass” (lol!) magnet sets, by Animal Magnets, might just be the talk of your next house party! Flashy colors, from farm animals to woodsy creatures to dinos.

That unpaid invoice on your fridge might just find it’s true meaning in life under a pig’s ass. Haha!


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} Wildpulp

It’s no secret I love wood. And obviously, with my own work proving it, I love silhouettes as well.

Over at Wildpup, they mix both! Makes for super cute prints that will bring a little bit of wild-thang in your space! :D

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I was Twittering (sp?) yesterday… Yes I’m now on Twitter! Follow me here!

So, I was Twittering yesterday and following my friends at Fact & Fancy in Brooklyn NY (where I have a few of my Flora Wall Wear by the way) when they made me discover a wonderful photographer!

Her name is Sharon Montrose.

And let me tell you something: I have NEVER seen a new Etsy seller sell as much as her!!! EVER!! In 3 weeks, she has sold almost 150 prints of her fabulous work, and even tho I am amazed, I am not surprised!

And yes, they are all living happy animals from a small California Zoo!


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