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Antler Fix

I love antlers, which are shed each year naturally, and I know I’m not the only one! I’m still looking for the perfect antler piece- that I can afford, I mean – for a special little wall in my living room! I’ll find, eventually! :)

Had to share with you my recent finds!



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Classy Taxidermy

Who knew taxidermy could be so classy?

I just fell in LOOOOVE with these today while stumbling on Melissa Dixson‘s shop! Mixing antlers on wood plaques with fabrics and textures and colors, how pretty and cool!!

Would like a more minimalist option? Go for the skulls!


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In The Wood

Wow, this shop just takes my breath away!

Inspired by the forest, and made with things from the forest like antlers (which fall out naturally of the pretty creatures every year), In The Woods transforms materials into pieces of functional art.

Unless you have a tree in the middle of your house (isn’t that sooo cool?), this is the perfect way to bring the outdoors in! ;)

Also check out their gorgeous photographic prints!

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Who said antlers are out?!

Who said antlers are out?

Clockwise from top left:

Deer Wall Wear by neawear (me! hehe)
Deer Tank Top by PrettyRaccoon
Letterpress Coasters by paperedtogether
Deer and Vines by esoule
Gold Tipped White Antler by ArgyleWhale
Industrial Felt Coasters by JoshuaStone
Cathedral Shadow Print by prettypitchas
Antler Necklace by roadkill
Deer Antler Hanging by otterbody


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Oh Deer! Holidays are here!

haha! I love my title! :)

Here are some new Holiday flat cards and tags I made over the weekend, available in my NeaBlossoms shop!

Cute little deers with antlers and pretty stars over their head, awwww, so cute! Enjoy :)


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