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ANTM Cycle 12

America’s Next Top Model Cycle 12 has started last week! Yay!

I love it all, but of course my fave part of every show is the panel, where you actually get the see the pictures. I love love love fashion pics :)

This year has a blend of very different girls, as always. After seen only the launch show and the one after (I get to watch it here on Fashion Television only on Sundays! Please don’t spoil it for me!! lol), my top 2 choices  would have to be Fo (how gorgeous are her freckles!!) and Natalie (photographs really well I think). I also like Celia and Aminat.

Of course it’s hard to tell with only one shot taken, but it doesn’t matter, I’m bad at predictions anyway! lol

On another note, they are already accepting applications for Cycle 13. I checked out the eligibility sheet as to what they required as curiosity, and turns out I think the future cycle will have a “short” theme! That’s right, they ask that people submitting be 5’7″ or UNDER! Fun stuff :)

Cheers to a season with awesome pictures! ;)



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ANTM 11 – Winner – McKey

I haven’t even made one post on America’s Next Top Model in this 11th season,
but here it is for miss McKey, the winner! lol :)

I have to admit that I’m glad she won, even tho my favorite was Marjorie (below), and I still think she should have been at least in the Top 3!

And that Analeigh (below) should have been Top 2!

Let’s just say I was not a fan of Samantha (below) although some of her pics were indeed gorgeous!

As you can see from the 3 last pictures, I loooved this photoshoot shot by Tyra herself!

Anyway, there were lots of wonderful shots again this year, and that’s basically why I watch the show! My favorite part is always the last 15 minutes at judging panel for that reason! lol


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ANTM 10 – Winner


America’s Next Top Model winner is Whitney!

What did I say when the season started 2 months ago? Yep, I’m such a know-it-all. hahaha :) Alright, I didn’t KNOW it would be her, but I was hoping it would be her, the first “full-figured” model to make it to the end!

I really thought I got it all wrong with my predictions this year… My faves were falling like flies, and early on! lol

So anyway, YAYYYYYY is a great resumé! haha


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ANTM Cycle 10

Last night was the premier of America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 10, which will take place in NY instead of LA. 30 girls (I think?) were selected for the “ANTM Prep School” first show.

30 beauties, of which I think I saw only 2 plus size girls. One of them got to the top 14, Whitney (above), and I’m totally hoping for her! She has drive and I think she actually wants it real bad and believes she CAN win, much more than any +size on the show before! She is SO gorgeous and has the perfect +size body for this. Even after one show, I think she could really win this! We’ll see!

I really like Claire’s style & personality (above) and what I think is a super hot haircut (shaved on the side, whoa, that’s gutsy!). She talked about being super passionate about the environment too, which always makes me happy. I think she could really win this!

I’m also wanting to see what two other girls will do as far as fabulous photo shoots goes: Amy (aka “Amis”, because apparently you can’t have too Amy/Aimee’s on the show, even if they are not spelled the same, so one “had” to change her name) and Marvita (both below).

And don’t you think Allison (below) looks a lot like Cycle 8’s Jaslene? It kinda freaks me out a little! LOL! Anyway…

We’ll see what the ANTM wind will bring, but I have a feeling this season will be real fun! :)


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ANTM 9, episode 6

What a great ANTM episode yesterday! My favorite one this season so far!

Can’t go wrong with some Oh-My-Gah-How-Much-More-HOT-Can-You-Actually-Be Tyson Beckford action, some helping a cause challenge and an awesome recycling themed photo shoot!

Still……. Gah……
lol :)


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ANTM 9, episode 3

So, last week the channel I was listening to ANTM was not holding the show anymore! I got, like, panicked! lol

I knew it went on the Fashion Channel on Sunday, so I waited in pain and resisted to go check out the website for a peek! lol It was so great! That climbing photo shoot was awesome: got to separate the real models from the wanna-bes! lol Up there are my favorite shots from the 3rd episode! Ain’t Jenah’s shot awesome?

So, today, I figured out which channel had it on Wednesday… Then changed one of my “À la carte” channels… And AWESOME, I’ll listen to it with ya’ll at 8pm tonight! :)

To be followed…


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ANTM Cycle 9


ANTM Cycle 9 (America’s Next Top Model, for people not following… lol!) has started last week! I almost missed the first episode last week, well I missed the first 15 minutes, I didn’t even know it was supposed to air before I stumbled on it…

And double FINALLY: an eco-friendly car to drive the girls around! I would have been sick to my stomach to see that Hummer Limo one more time…! lol

I’m putting my bets on Heather and Sarah, they are just the most gorgeous and the more “real” girls in the bunch!
I am also pushing for Victoria and Lisa; can’t wait to see those two’s pictures!

Who are YOUR faves? :)

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