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} Warburg House by Bioi

Over in Warburg (Alberta, Canada), there is this precious little cabin house I’ve been seeing pop all over Pinterest/Facebook. The Warburg House is just so simple and cute!

Designed by Bioi, the 748sq/ft space goes for wood and concrete, for clean lines and open space. At the back, a repurposed log cabin, used for storage.

Compact, efficient, simple, liveable. Pretty desirable for all of it under $100,000, might I add! :)


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} La Firme

La Firme, based in Montreal, dables into anything from object to architecture.

I had seen that folding chair somewhere around the web before, but how AWESOME is that BBQ lamp huh!? And the custom wooden bike… I have no words! :)

Via } Design Milk


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} Russell & George

Over in Australia, Russell & George likes to blur the lines between different fields of design practice. Between architecture and interior design and art, they truly enhance spaces without using boundaries.

Makes for GORGEOUS rooms and AWESOME atmospheres!

Via } Desire To Inspire

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} Madrona Residence

The Madrona Residence designed by V + C Architects makes me weak in the knees.

Images clearly speak for themselves. :)

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} House BVA

This 2007 project by dmvA Architecten (Netherlands) I find just awesome! Once in a while, a city design work appeals to me, it seems! I like the woods, and I like the city, but urban home exteriors seems to be much harder (with reason) to accomplish with uniqueness and a special touch that makes my heart pump! :)

As for House BVA, I’m especially fond of the exterior brick work, which was created because the client wanted privacy on the street side. I mean, look at it! It’s like knitting brick!!! How beautiful!!!

Via } Architizer

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} Bare Beauty

This house is heaven for bare material fans! You’d think this would make for a very underwhelming space, but clearly, it can be quite grandiose of a result!

I absolutely love the nakedness of this house by
Andreas Fuhrimann Gabrielle Hächler Architects.

Via } Architizer

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} Orchard House

This Orchard House in Czech Republic, by Nachazel Architekti, is just making my blood flow stop.

Wood, concrete. More wood. Wooooood. Hahaha!

Animated plans (below)? Yeahhh, loving it! :)

via } Architizer <– LOVE that site, it’s worth a look!! :)

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} Geometric Houses

Boston’s William O’Brien Jr. designs houses that I’d absolutely live in, in a heartbeat! Who wouldn’t, seriously.

Above are the Twin Houses, and below is the Allandale House. Even the plans are pretty!! *awesomeness faint*

via } Fubiz

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Happy Bday Pops

Today would have been my dad’s 62nd birthday. He passed away almost 2 years ago now from, yes, cancer. He was a real estate agent for 15 years or something, winning prizes like 10 years out of those for all his great work. So, in his honor today, I’m giving you all an architecture post (which I now notice is too much of a rare thing on this blog!).

I love this Port Douglas House by Australia’s Wolveridge Architects. It’s classy and stylish, yet it’s warm and inviting. Pure eye candy!

And what about this Portsea House? Very chic, very square, very contemporary, very I-would-move-there-in-a-flash! lol :)

Happy Bday Pops!

Via } Desire to Inspire


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