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} Zuppa

Vintage plates on the wall as decor can be so lovely! How about hand painted plates too, huh?

Check out Zuppa Atelier‘s cute little shop so find some of those, as well as other delicately adorned kitchenware. It’s a lovely frenzy of trees and houses and air balloons and umbrellas! :)

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} FreePeople Skateboards

I once tried skateboarding. ONCE. Was my bro’s, went over a pebble, stumbled off the thing. That was it. I mean, how can you stay on that thing, really?! I liked (still do) the security of my snowboard straps way better. And it’ll stay that way, thank you very much. lol!

That said, these limited edition skateboards by Free People are more like art pieces to display on the wall, really. Aren’t they purrrrrty!?! :D

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} Our Life On Earth

These series of 4 prints by Our Life On Earth is just as beautiful as is it intriguing. Which is weird because it depicts nature items very crudely.

Direct mysteriousness, gotta love it! :)

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} Boutté

Talk about patience! Nathalie Boutté (France) clearly loves her media, paper, for doing her art pieces out of tiny pieces of them.

Using all kinds of papers (journal, colorful or blank, transparent) she portraits subjects or shapes in a unique and oh-so-impressive way. Check it out! :)

Via } Poppytalk

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} Oelwein

Today’s shop is called Oelwein, but it should be called everything-is-so-cute-that-you-wont-be-able-to-resist, or maybe also called CUTENESS-CENTRAL. Haha!

From triangles to water drops and clouds, from trays to bags and cards, a little something is waiting for everyone. Screenprinting at it’s best artful outcome! :)

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} Field Guided

Anabela of Field Guided lives in Toronto, and from there, she uses mostly typography to get her messages out. Not surprising, since she has a degree library studies, and now typesets books for a living.

Everything, from prints to tote bags and prints, are done with subtlety and simpleness, but weirdly enough, full of emotion. I adore!

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} Puces Pop Automne 2012

Next weekend is the Fall 2012 Puces Pop, YAY!!

Come say hello, and shop your favorites of course, as well as see a couple of new items I’ve cooked up recently!

If you can’t make it, don’t worry. Those new cuties will be in my Etsy Shop sometime in the next week! :)


Cette fin de semaine sera le Puces Pop Automne 2012, YOUPPI!!

Venez me dire un petit bonjour, magasiner vos favoris bien sûr, et voir quelques nouveaux items que j’ai concocter dans les dernières semaines!

Si vous ne pouvez vous y rendre, ne vous inquiètez pas! Les nouveautés seront dans ma boutique Etsy quelque part au courant de la semaine prochaine! :)

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