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} Atem

Obviously, Atem bags are just gorgeous and seem really sturdy for everyday use.

But what struck me the most is their photography (by Patrick Desbrosses). How unusual! A little quirkiness paired with bright lighting and simple displays, it’s sure to intrigue and catch anyone’s attention!

Ha, this is truly photography that complements perfectly the brand! Fits seamlessly with Atem‘s products. And I’m kinda jealous, too. lol

Via } Miss Moss


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} Zillpa

A simple enough utilitarian item, rope has been around every living souls for centuries. Making it current and with another purpose is quite more difficult, tho.

From Brisbane in Australia, Zillpa has done just that, delightfully. From bags to coasters and bowls, stitched in the color of your choice, rope can now take a new path and adorn your everyday life!

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} Bookhou


Last Holiday season at PucesPop, my in-front booth neighbor was Bookhou. As much as I was thrilled to have something beautiful to look at for 3 days, it was also a big bad torture, since I knew it would be impossible to resist a purchase when the gorgeousness is staring you right in the face for so long.

And I indeed succumbed, as you can see the pictures above. I loooOOOooove my bag!! It’s “so me”, with it’s screenprinted colors and texture mixes of fabric and leather and hardware. It’s big size (with inside pocket) is super convenient too, since I always carry a lot of crap when I go out in the world (let’s just say no one complains when they need an Advil/kleenex/gum/compact camera/so-much-more, since it’s available right with me at all times. lol). When not in use, I hang it on my entry closet knob, on display, like a piece of art. It’s just too pretty to hide.

Everyone I know LOVES Bookhou, too. I’m not even kidding. Never heard anyone say otherwise, ever.

So, you should check out the shop, and blog, like now. ;)


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} Overdo

I’m one of the big bags fans, to enable my carrying of a ton of stuff, from book to sunglasses to umbrella to camera to big wallet to… Well, stuff.

But these mini little purses by Overdo are making me revisit that status. They are just too-cute-to-be-true.

GIANT SEQUINS. Nothing more to say. :)

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} Noru

Noru bags seem pretty practical (as in pretty, and pretty practical). They remind me of paper lunch bags you fold up on top, but in a very stylish version, obviously. Perfect for a bike ride, yeah?! :)

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} Barnacle

Haven’t used a backpack in yearsssss, cause let’s face it, it ruins your style, even for a lot of the carefree ladies. But who said backpacks had to be non-stylish?

Barnacle Bags proves just that. With mixes of wax canvases and hemp, they make practical backpacks (and other kinds) so you can carry your heavy stuff without making it look like you’re in high school. Cause who wants to go back then anyway, REALLY. ;)

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} Sidonie Yang

Washable Kraft paper everyday use objects? Yes ma’am!

Sidonie Yang explores this material like no other, and it totally works! Paired usually with felt, it’s texture clash heaven!

And so, prepare to sport a stylish paper bag ladies, cause these are just so cool looking! :)

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} Hanga

Who knew backpacks (1st picture) could be so stylish, right? Thanks to Hanga, it’s a reality!

Mixing canvas or linen with touches of leather makes for great carrying objects featuring neutral colors that will fashion pretty much any clothing. And the bags are a texture lover’s dream!! :)

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} ClutchNY

There are only 2 items to show you from ClutchNY‘s new Etsy shop.

I know, sad. But oh my, they are 2 great hand-dyed leather clutches you can’t help but drool over!

Let’s hope for MORE, soon!! :D

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Bag. Need.

“Gray teal stripes” basic tote, by DrikaB. Purchased in December 2008.

Huge leafy tote, by TheSeaWithin. Purchased in January 2008.


I need a new handmade bag! You can see (above) the two last bags I’ve purchased. Sure, I pay more for a handmade one, but no woman can say that 2 bags in more than 2 years is a lot of purchasing! I’ve used them constantly, and I adore them still! If I’m out that door, either one of them is on that shoulder of mine!

But I think I’m in need of a more “classic” one: a little simpler in color and richer in texture (rather than a fabulous print), so it can look good with some more put together outfits as well!

Here’s the ones (below) I’ve narrowed it down to, some I’m not even sure I can afford, but I like the dream… lol!

Let me know what you think!!! :D

“Auvenier XL” bag in burlap, by IraGrantEco. $85 USD.

“Agatha” bag in leather, by A Rebyc Design. $144 USD.

“Layered pleat sling”, by YorktownRoad. $120 USD.

“Quilted clutch” in brown leather with chain strap, by HomemadeBags. $80 USD.

“Poetry” bag, by BayanHippo. $44 USD.

“Sassy” denim tote with leather, by Kinies. $59 USD.


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Definition of Self

There’s a new bag lust spot in web-town!

Gotta be thrilled about Definition of Self‘s strappy designs if you like denim or cotton canvas, neutrals or pops of colors and perfect medium sized bags! Of course, there are tons of inside pockets and little hiding spots for your everyday stuff too!

Go on and pick something simple-chic for your next day out in the sun!


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Cha Cha

Cha Cha, from Toronto, makes some of the most prettiest bags I’ve seen in a while! The shop is just full of fabulous leathers and shapes, metal buckles and studs, fabulous handles and straps!

Can’t afford the real deal? That’s OK! Go on to Cha Cha Samples for discounted 100% functional samples, one of a kinds and old stock!


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Poppy Pouch

Simple yet detailed, I’m really loving these leather pouches! Perfect for everyday style!

Get them at SakuraUrban between $30 and $70.


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I fell on shop named Zelaya today, what a wonderful find!! It is run by a family from El Salvador, now living in the US.

The bags are cool and unique, the tops are hot and practical. Colors are basics, which makes them so versatile too! Details are the best, love it all!!

I feel the sun coming in!! (Weird ’cause we are in the middle of a 30cm snow storm today in Montreal! lol)


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Fold it up

Linen. Yum.

Folds. Yum yum.

Handmade. Yum yum yum.

I adore the work of yorktownroad! In fact, one of her bags was part of one of the insipiration boards I made recently. Simple, gorgeous, texturized, well made and accessible prices, too.

WANT everything! lol


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