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Fold it up

Linen. Yum.

Folds. Yum yum.

Handmade. Yum yum yum.

I adore the work of yorktownroad! In fact, one of her bags was part of one of the insipiration boards I made recently. Simple, gorgeous, texturized, well made and accessible prices, too.

WANT everything! lol


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Folie à Deux

Oh wow, this is soooooooo cool, I can’t stand it!

These gorgeous are called Folie à Deux, and are the beautiful designs of Rich-in-Craft. Out of handsewn wool, and polyurethane and glass anthler handles, this bag will be hard to find – only 36 will be made – and I have no clue where they will be!

Rich-in-Craft (I LOVE their website, so nicely made!) is a newly created L.A. company, because this is their first product. Woah! Can’t wait to see some more of their creative juice in the future!

Via } Simply Olive


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It’s in the bag…

It's in the bag...

Gots to carry it somehow!! All handmade from Etsy.

Clockwise from top left:

Symbiosis Pouch by UnikatHK
Autumn Biscuit Bag
by SpikeHeadDesign
Hidden Place
by showpony
Thick and Thin Zip
by yorktownroad
Grainne Eco Tote
by abibansaldesign
Eco Ornj Shoulder Bag
by davidshockdesigns
Yoga Mat Bag
by justmaybe


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Grey Lust

Grey Lust

Clockwise from top left:

Knitted Hobo Bag by Cottonbud Design
Felted Pebbles by Reya Veltman
Megan Vest by 3Articles
Olivia Handbag by Aubrey Hyde
Suede Pump from shopbop
Wrapping Paper by Rifferaff

I like doing this… I think I’ll do some more often! Agreed? :)


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Smart Groceries

It always hurts me when I go grocery shopping and have to use plastic bags to put my veggies and fruit in. I’m thinking: I make efforts, I have 7 cotton bags which usually gets everything in, and then I go and use produce bags because there are no alternatives. I reuse them, like for the litter, but I still feel bad.

Well, no more! There IS an alternative! Where have I been?

I discovered, via the EcoEtsy Street Team blog, some handmade lightweight (no extra weight on scale) nylon tulle bags by remarket. Offered in different sizes, they are such a simple idea yet so practical and much needed!

I’m going to buy some right this second! :)

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Eco-Friendly Passenger Pigeon

{English Follows }

Passenger Pigeon est une compagnie de vêtements et de sacs basé à Toronto et respectueux de l’environnement.

En utilisant du cotton organique, du chanvre, de l’ecospun (une fibre de polyester de haute qualité fait à partir de plastique 100% recyclé de bouteilles de cola) et du tencel (créé à partir de la cellulose naturelle trouvée dans la pâte de bois, le tout fait de façon non-chimique, et le résultat est complètement biodégradable), Passenger Pigeon crée de superbes pièces simples avec une petite touche spéciale. Ils font aussi don d’un pourcentage de leurs profits à FLAP.

Vous les trouverez dans plusieurs boutiques au Canada et au É-U.


Passenger Pigeon is an eco-friendly clothing and bag line based in Toronto.

Using organic cotton, hemp, ecospun (a high-quality polyester fiber made from 100 percent recycled plastic pop bottles) and tencel (made from the natural cellulose found in wood pulp as well as produced in a non-chemical manner, fully biodegradable), Passenger Pigeon creates awesome simple pieces always a touch of specialness. They also donate a percentage of their profits to FLAP.

You can find them in stores all over Canada and the US!


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Journée sans sac

“Demain aura lieu la première journée sans sac, une opération de sensibilisation destinée à réduire l’usage des sacs de plastique. Initiée par le volet québécois du Festival mondial de
la Terre
, l’opération invite les consommateurs à ne pas utiliser de sacs de plastique pour faire leur épicerie. Selon l’organisme, 2 milliards de sacs sont remis aux consommateurs québécois chaque année.

Ainsi, cette journée de sensibilisation, qui s’adresse autant aux citoyens qu’aux commerçants, vise également à faire pression pour que le gouvernement du Québec adopte le projet de loi 309 : présentée à l’Assemblée en avril 2005 par le député de Lac-Saint-Jean Stéphan Tremblay, cette loi prévoit l’interdiction des sacs de plastique non biodégradable.”

Via } Novae.ca


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