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} Love & Olive Oil

Meyer Lemon Macadamia Nut Tart

Shaved Brussels Sprout Salad with Pan-Fried Goat Cheese and Pomegranate

Butternut Squash Risotto with Pine Nuts, Balsamic Drizzle, and Fried Sage

Arugula Pistachio Pesto 

Love & Olive Oil is the blog of Lindsay and Taylor, a regular couple crazy in love with cooking.  They offer their readers recipe ideas and gorgeous eye feasts – stunning pictures.

To add to that, they have 2 small businesses to run, just launched a book called Breakfast for Dinner, and started challenging themselves in the cooking department as well (it’s always easy to stay in one’s comfort zone, ain’t it?). Busy couple!

SO MUCH to browse, go crazy! :P


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} Pshiiit

Well, since it’s my bday, I’m treating myself with this blog post.

But first, I’m gonna have to go all out with a secret revelation: I’m a manicure/nailpolish/nailart freak. Ok, it’s said. lol!

My favorite blog on the subject is called Pshiiit! The talented lady behind it is in France (and so, yes, the blog is written in French (but pictures say a thousand… ideas)). I’m always amazed at her end results, sometimes simple, sometimes crazy complex!

Always great to see what a new color looks like before actually buying it, as well as idea as to how use it. Also very practical, a few animated-gifs tutorials!

Enjoy, ladies! :)


Bonus below: My Bday nails today! Had fun! :D

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} I am a Food Blog

Sometimes the most perfect blog names are those who just tell it straight to your face. Just like I am a Food Blog, Sophie’s outlet for her love of food and photography, over in Vancouver.

A bold and crisp look, beautiful pictures and detailed recipes. You basically can’t ask for more. That is, after you realize you can’t just lick your screen to get a taste. :P

Via } Design Crush

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} Spoon Fork Bacon

I love this blog called Spoon Fork Bacon. For it’s photographs (Woah! Gorgeous!) and also for the occasional animated gif’s, too.

And for the recipes of course. Altho I haven’t tried anything yet, all in all, most seem simple enough to be attainable by most people. Recipes are diversified, with a little bit of everything from appetizers to deserts.

And of course, a couple of recipes with bacon, like Salted Caramel and Candied Bacon Ice Cream. Oh yeah.

Nom nom nommmmm! :P

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} Wood and Faulk

Wood and Faulk offers high quality craftsmanship items (bags, belts, camera straps) made of mainly leather, but also sturdy cotton canvas fabrics. I bet these bags will outlast yearsss of heavy duty use!

You should also take some time to check out Matt‘s journal, where he explores other designs (including some tutorials, nice!), and other materials, like wood (*faint*). Oh, and fashion purchases (shoes, anyone?) as well as everyday subjects (kubb? or upholstery?).

All of his pictures are always insanely beautiful, too.

Can I marry him?

Ok ok, ’nuff said. lol :)

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} Tiger In A Jar

My friend Paule suggested that I look at this beet cake video recipe by Tiger In A Jar that she found on Bess’ blog yesterday. What a beauty!!

Turns out Matt and Julie made plenty of other great little motion pieces (some including stop motion) for everyone to look at on their Vimeo! Various subjects are treated, all visual gems, if you ask me! :)

Go snoop around their blog (you’ll also find awesome photography there!), you wont regret it!!

Via } The English Muffin


Since I’m on the subject of videos (a subject I don’t visit often, huh?), my friend Christine Chevarie is working on a little video on my work right about now!

She came to film last Friday (above, featuring my oh-so-chill cat, Kobe), and I CAN’T WAIT to see the results! Her boyfriend and herself even created a little tune, sort of in the Angus and Julia Stone style, for it! Just so awesome! I’ll let you know here of course when it’s ready!

Meanwhile, check out this little video (it’s in French, but worth it even if you don’t understand!) she made on canning tomatoes (below). Half of these people are my friends, and the little guy, Hubert, is the child of my oldest friend Emilie, and he apparently loves me. He offers me his firefighter trucks (his favorites) every time I see him. If that isn’t love, I dunno what is. Yep. hehe :)


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Icon Vault

Hey everyone!!

I wanted to let you know that I’ve started a new blog called icon vault. It’s about images! Inspiration quick & easy, short & sweet!

Of course, this blog will remain and when I feel like writing on my new discoveries instead of just showing them, I’ll come straight here! :)

Now, head on over and follow it!! :P


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The Weekness

With columns like SINday and satARTday, two of my Montreal friends, Angie and Christophe, have teamed up to create a brand spankin’ new blog called The Weekness.

Check it out for everything from high end fashion to DIY and yes, a SHOEday column as well!!


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3yo Blog!

Blue Candles Print, by andreadespot.

Woohoo!! My blog is 3 years old today!!

More than 200,000 visits (now at over 500 visits per day), over 675 posts and more than 1600 comments! How awesome is that!!

Thank you all so much dear readers! It’s been a pleasure knowing that you read me each week and comment and love the finds! :)

And of course, you know it’s not a complete post without a few related finds :) Click away my friends!


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Weekend of Numbers

Hiding from winter

Lovin’ my Spratter & Jayne neckwarmer!!

What a wonderful weekend I just had!! I went skating with my boyfriend at Mount-Royal, and thanks to his steady arm and his 2-3 nights a week of hockey playing experience, I didn’t even fall once (had not skated in something like 15 years before that!). I always prefered Winter to Summer (used to be my favorite season, when I snowboarded), even tho now I like Fall and Spring the most. But this was a really nice Winter moment :)

Anyway, this weekend was also great because: my virtual life hit 2 milestones, too!

First, this blog hit the 200,000 visits mark!! YAY!! The 100,000 mark was in March 08, so let’s just say I’m really proud of that second half in less than a year! Thank you so much everyone!! It’s means a lot that you are all sticking around!

And second, my Neawear Etsy Shop passed the 5000 shop hearts mark! That’s like at the very least 5000 people who taught my whole shop (and not just an item or two) deserved to be bookmarked! How hot is that right?? So, look out for more great handmade stuff I’m working on for 2009, ’cause I’m not stoping anytime soon! :)


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Simply Breakfast Books

I’ve blogged about breakfast photography before, I love it! And I’m so sad ’cause the Simply Breakfast Blog, by Jennifer Causey (aka Photobird on Etsy), is now RIP.

But fear not! It’s not completely over! You can get the 2 books!! Ohhh yeahhhh! :)

Simply Breakfast” book here.
Simply Breakfast, more please” book here.

And you can still follow Jen’s other blog, Simply Photo.


Annnnnd I still wanna make a Blurb book really badly…!


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Vote on Paper n Stitch!


Pleaseeeeee help me!!
I know you are all there 600+ readers a day! I would be so thankful if you all took 2mins of your super busy day to go and vote for me!!
Please please please!!! *gets down on knees and begs* lol :)

Thank you :D

Remember my post on Paper n Stitch a few months back? Did I tell you that you can vote for your favorite exhibitors, and then they can win things, like a free month as an exhibitor on Paper n Stitch… and yes… cash!? No, I didn’t yet, but now I am!

Well yes, you guessed it! I really need your help, dear readers! :)

It’s simple, just hop on to Paper n Stitch, then easily create a free account, and then you can click on the profiles of all your favorite sellers (I *know* I’m not the only one, lol!) and vote (and comment on your favorite items for fun as well)! You’ll see a rectangle with a heart+, just click there, and voila!

You can vote for as many of your favorites as you’d like, of course!
With people understandingly being careful with their purchases and money this year, all of us handmade creatives could really use the help! :)

Here’s my shop section: Nea at Paper n Stitch (You will be able to see some of my newly listed Wall Wear work there too!)

Thanks so much in advance, this would really help me out!! :)


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Souk@Sat & Decor8

What a week! I’ve been busing gathering up some stuff and preparing documents for my Wall Wear submission to the Souk@Sat craft show here in Montreal! I finally finished everything last night and will be emailing everything today! Wish me luck! (It’s quite hard to get accepted there!!)


On another note, I want to thank Holly from Decor8 for adding my blog to her wonderful blogroll! The blog has been pouring with new visitors for 2 days now and I want to welcome everyone over too!!

Thanks so much and I hope you enjoy the place!! :)


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You may know Maditi already, from her wonderful blog full of her polaroid pictures!?

If not, go over there right now, you’re really missing out!
And if so, keep on reading! :)

You can now get your own Maditi fix with her fabulous prints in her brand new online shop!!

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Creativadoration on Facebook

You’re a fan of my blog? (Thank you soooo much!!!!!!!!)

Then, now you can show it to the World! :)

Become an official fan of Creativadoration on Facebook!

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