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Simply Breakfast Books

I’ve blogged about breakfast photography before, I love it! And I’m so sad ’cause the Simply Breakfast Blog, by Jennifer Causey (aka Photobird on Etsy), is now RIP.

But fear not! It’s not completely over! You can get the 2 books!! Ohhh yeahhhh! :)

Simply Breakfast” book here.
Simply Breakfast, more please” book here.

And you can still follow Jen’s other blog, Simply Photo.


Annnnnd I still wanna make a Blurb book really badly…!



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Breakfast Appreciation

Apple Bread Breakfast

Christmas Morning Breakfast


Chocolate Bread Delight Breakfast

Cheese Bread, Blackberries, Almonds and Coffee

Bagel & Egg Breakfast

PB & B

Simplest Breakfast

I’ve been in a breakfast photography phase, as I talked about last month.

I’ve also been in a handmade mugs purchase phase, and in a “let’s explore breakfast foods” phase as well, so yeah, I’ve been taking shots of my mornings as you can tell.

Many of these pics also are used as “appreciation pictures” for my Etsy purchases. Loveeee doing those!

There’s something about making the breakfast and coffee, and then waiting extra minutes to eat it while I take pictures of it. Those few little minutes in full dilemma mode, where I adore taking shots of it but would also like to eat it. Haha! And then eating it while I load the pics of what I’m eating on the computer and Flickr.

All that while half asleep most of the times! Haha! Ahhh mornings!

I’ve received from friends and family from Xmas many little new jams and stuff to taste in my future next breakfast. It’s gonna be a great next few weeks of breakfast, lemme tell ya! :)

Holiday Wishes to you all!!


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Flickr Groups on Breakfast

Sunny breakfast for a snowy morning

I’m in this breakfast photograph phase, it’s fun and always makes great pics!

Check out some of these shots found in these Flickr groups:
Breakfast with a cup of coffee

The Beautiful Breakfast
Cereal Offenders and Breakfast Friends

The Breakfast Club

Daily yum!


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