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} Bookhou


Last Holiday season at PucesPop, my in-front booth neighbor was Bookhou. As much as I was thrilled to have something beautiful to look at for 3 days, it was also a big bad torture, since I knew it would be impossible to resist a purchase when the gorgeousness is staring you right in the face for so long.

And I indeed succumbed, as you can see the pictures above. I loooOOOooove my bag!! It’s “so me”, with it’s screenprinted colors and texture mixes of fabric and leather and hardware. It’s big size (with inside pocket) is super convenient too, since I always carry a lot of crap when I go out in the world (let’s just say no one complains when they need an Advil/kleenex/gum/compact camera/so-much-more, since it’s available right with me at all times. lol). When not in use, I hang it on my entry closet knob, on display, like a piece of art. It’s just too pretty to hide.

Everyone I know LOVES Bookhou, too. I’m not even kidding. Never heard anyone say otherwise, ever.

So, you should check out the shop, and blog, like now. ;)



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} Patch

This weekend, I was looking at the Cargoh (a BC Canadian company) newsletter when I noticed the big banner on Patch (also a BC Canadian company).

How wonderful is this product, seriously! Patch is basically a year-round indoor herb gardening system. Obviously, other eatables can be grown in them (such as lettuce, for example), and obviously, you can also put them outside (everything is washable) on your small city balcony in the summer.

The system ” “self waters” by using a technique called sub irrigation, which allows the water to enter the soil through capillary action”, how practical!

Also eco-friendly, the “Patch herb planter body is made with Tyvek (a HDPE), which has all the properties of paper film and fabric. It’s fully recyclable, washable, and stain resistant. The interior components are made of PP #5. All of these components are fully recyclable.” They ship flat (simple assembly instructions are added to your package), so that is also cost and space efficient as far as shipping goes.

3 styles are offered, as well as a price for a 3-pack to make you save a little compared to a single planter purchase!

Also, customer service is totally top notch. I emailed a question, and within 4 hours, Kent Houston himself (the founder and CEO) replied to me with the info. How wonderfully great is that, right!?

Lightly said, I am in love with Patch already, hence, I will go order 3 right this second. ;)

(And I’ll make sure to update you guys on how it all unfolds in my actual home!)

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} Field Guided

Anabela of Field Guided lives in Toronto, and from there, she uses mostly typography to get her messages out. Not surprising, since she has a degree library studies, and now typesets books for a living.

Everything, from prints to tote bags and prints, are done with subtlety and simpleness, but weirdly enough, full of emotion. I adore!

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} Liscious

Ok. It’s official. I fall in love everyday.

With something handmade, that is. ;)

Everything in Studio Luscious‘ shop (from Ontario, Canada) makes me weak in the knees. From the awesome awesome branch hooks, to the so cute birdfeeders, to inlayed walnut end tables.

Oh, did I say I love the hooks? I mean, I love the hooks… The hooks are awesome… Ok, ’nuff said! hehe


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Gimme a little ‘o MChen

You may or may not know, but I go spend some time into the Etsy Virtual Labs quite a few times a week. They have newbie chats and critiques for sellers, as well as workshops and chats with Etsy admins. I like to go in there and help others (I try anyway!) with their shop. It makes me take a break too and I virtually meet tons of great people and great artists!

So anyway, yesterday I went in for the critique session, and I met the super friendly Emily from mchen, a lady from Ottawa, and fell in love with her work and designs! She makes silkscreen tee’s and totes, as well as greeting cards and tags.

What I love too about her shop is her model pictures! With so many different and beautiful people, it kinda hit me that it is very rare to see this much diversity in a single shop. Too bad because I love it!!

After the critique, Emily wrote to me about a giveaway she’s having right now until Nov. 11th! It’s so easy to enter too: just go check out her shop, pick a tee you’d love to call yours and post the link to this Etsy Forum thread. That’s it, you could possibly win!

Imma gonna pick mine now ;)


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The Souvenir Shop

Some awesome objects from Canadian online store The Souvenir Shop!

Too. Cool. To. Comment.

Via } Poppytalk

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Park Planters

Some objects are just too unique to just look at them for a second… This is how I feel about these Park Planters from Toronto’s Science and Sons.
(*NOTICE: One of the planters is 18+! lol)

“Inspired by the idea of the Bonsai, miniature park scenes unfold beneath the shade of your ordinary houseplants.”


Buy them at Generate for $159 US, including shipping.

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