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} Q en Bleu

Katerina of Q en Bleu offers the most awesome paper products I’ve seen in awhile! Perhaps because it features thread and stitching? It would make sense of why I’m in love with everything!

Most items offered are cards, but seriously, these make for perfect wall art in frames! Go get a bunch of ’em, tiger! :)



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Honesty & Forwardness

Been thinking a lot recently about honesty and forwardness in my life.

Honesty and forwardness isn’t about being mean, or about not having tact. It’s about expressing feelings and thoughts without playing games with yourself and others. I think I have been much more of those words in the past few months after many changes in my life.

I am far from perfect at it, of course, it’s a skill to be developed with time! But, I’m going forward!

With that, I discovered that a lot of people say they want honesty, but can’t take it when they do… Pretty confusing stuff! lol

I am also hoping that the Unravelling online class I registered for a few weeks back, given by Susannah Conway, will help me explore that more in depth. Can barely wait for it to start! :D


On a funnier note, check out Creativity Cards! They have just a wonderful selection of funny, direct and beautiful card you just wont be able to resist! :)


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I’m in great need of new business cards… With the right email & website addresses… And the new branding of Nea too! But, I have like 1000+ cards left from my old ones and it breaks my heart to not use them… They can’t even be recycled because of the matte laminate finish, so double breaks my heart! If anyone has suggestions on how I could repurpose, I’d love the input!

Anyway, a few weeks back I found this fabulous letterpress shop called Vince Letterpress (Australia) with simple clean gorgeous products, I had to share! Gotta love the textures!

Oh how I wish my next cards would be made from them with my design! I would look stylin’ as hell! lol :)

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Gift Guide 2007 { Gift Wrapping }

As part of my Holiday Gift Guide 2007,
here are some suggestions for Gift Wrapping!

Take the Handmade Pledge this Holiday season!

* Please note that none of the sellers featured are sponsors! These a MY favorites!


Almost everyone will agree that the Holidays are fun and well, exhausting too!

Mother Earth is also really tired! This time of the year, millions of plastic bags (and much more!) are produced and used for a day or for a few hours so we can give a gift to loved ones. Which is sad, and sometimes not even necessary!

So first, here are a few ideas to help her out! Plus, save money! Most the ideas are to make with stuff you have around the house already!

  • Bring your reusable grocery bags when going to the mall to shop. Refuse all extra bags and paper offered to you, just slip your items in the bags your brought with you! No reusable bags? (Where have you been? lol) Get that pile of large shopping plastic bags you have been keeping since last year out of the drawer and use that instead of new ones.
  • Small gifts to give? Make a small box yourself with cover stock papers you have at home. (See here and here for free templates!)
  • Need to fill in your box with padding so the item doesn’t move around? Get your shredder out (or tear it out yourself) and fill the package with that!
  • Why use paper to gift wrap? Use fabric! Old t-shirts, jeans, bed sheets, table cloth, etc. Cut the size you need (if you are crafty, sew the edges, if not, no worries!), fold it over and tie with a ribbon or string! Voilà! (It’s also a good way to not ruin the party and have to ask people to be careful to not tear the paper while unwrapping their gifts!)
  • You’re a magazine addict like myself? Use pages to wrap your box! It’s like a jigsaw puzzle, fun!
  • Create your own gift tags and cards, simple or complex! All those piles if craft paper scraps will get a second life. (Check out this cool simple tag idea!)
  • Create your own envelope for your card (from magazine pages (I do that!) or any other paper laying around your desk).
  • Basically, personalize your gift wraps with what you already have, it makes everything all more special than a commercial wrap, and it cost much less!


If you still want a more classic approach to gift wrapping, buy handmade supplies! It has wayyyy more personality too!

Holiday Cards & Tags by NeaBlossoms (me!).

The paper I used is 100% recycled fibers, from Grassrootsstore.

Jigsaw wrapping paper & envelopes by Rifferaff.

Handmade paper from recycled fibers by disturbedpenguinpoo.

Cotton & Linen blend fabric by Kirinco.

Button flat note cards by Tomate d’épingles.

Salvaged & redesigned labels by Remake.

Screen printed & hand etched card by Essimar.

Envelopes made from handmade recycled paper by ClaudiasCreations.


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Pick up a Holiday 4-Pack!

{ Version française plus loin }

A greeting card Holiday 4-Pack is now in my NeaBlossoms shop! :)
All cards are also available individually in the shop!

All papers & envelopes is 100% post-consumer fibers!

* I call to you, dear readers and bloggers! Please talk about the holiday cards and tags on your blogs, I would really really appreciate the support!! :) Thank you!


Un paquet de 4 cartes de Fêtes est maintenant disponible dans ma boutique NeaBlossoms! :)
Chaque carte est aussi disponible seule dans la boutique!

Tous les papiers et enveloppes sont en fibres 100% post-consommation!

DE PLUS, elles peuvent être adaptées en version française, sans frais supplémentaires, évidemment! Vous n’avez qu’à me contacter!

* Je fais appel à vous, chers lecteurs et bloggeurs! Parlez de mes cartes et étiquettes des Fêtes sur vos blogues SVP, j’apprécierais beaucoup le support!! :) Merci!

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Oh Deer! Holidays are here!

haha! I love my title! :)

Here are some new Holiday flat cards and tags I made over the weekend, available in my NeaBlossoms shop!

Cute little deers with antlers and pretty stars over their head, awwww, so cute! Enjoy :)


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Handmade Xmas

YAY! My first Christmas tag cards are in my NeaBlossoms shop! Plus, they are promoting handmade for Xmas, too!

They are of course printed on 100% recycled paper, and they can be made with any holiday sentence you’d like, just contact me! :)

Let me know what you think! I hope you like them!!


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