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} Weckery

I got gripped by Weckery‘s simplicity today!

Focus is not on colors really, more in little details in textures and shades and pure shapes. How about that pitcher, huh? So stunning!

Plus, high contrast pictures are also always my favorite. ;)

Also, I am taking a porcelain throwing class at Atelier Make right now, and love it so. I took pottery classes in the past, using a different kind of clay, the more terracotta color one, which I found easier. Porcelain has been my favorite for a while tho, so I’m extra-stoked!

Obviously, my class pieces (below) are not yet cooked nor glazed, but still, I think they look quite nice! To be followed… ;)


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} Manos

Someone shared this video on Twitter (the beauty is created by Oscar Liedgren), and I fell in love with Karin Eriksson’s (Manos Pottery Studio) work all over again!

You’ve probably seen her work around the web in the past several years, if you’re even remotely interested in anything clay. But it’s even more awesome paired with these images of her working her art!

Inspiring! :)

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} Poast

From decor to accessories, Poast has no limits to what it can do with porcelain. Little houses as their shapes of choice, their offered items are dainty and cute!

Wear a house? Hell yeah! :)

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} B. Fiess

I am just in love with this ceramic find! B. Fiess‘ composition sculptures are great, but I have a soft spot for the utilitarian jars, which are shut close with cork and rubber.  So cool!!

Buy online on Leif.

Via }  Design*Sponge

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} Ingleside

Over at Ingleside, they create pottery pieces, while clearly thinking about nature. Suspended planters for moss and air plants, I like.

Contact the seller for out of the US shipping quotes! :)

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} Just Work

Recently, I found a gem. This shop is called Just Potters, and it is brought by Just Work, a social initiative based in Vancouver, Canada.

In their pottery shop, Just Potters employs people from the area who have barriers to traditional employment, for example homelessness, addiction or physical disabilities.

I am totally in love with the general rustic look of this shop! Reminds me of old vintage pottery pieces you can sometimes find in flea markets!

A great initiative, and great results! :)

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} Abramson

These are bowls and a vase. But who are we kidding, they are actually sculptures. Patiently and delicately carved gorgeous porcelain sculptures by Isabelle Abramson.

So pretty I could faint.

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