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Les enfants sauvages

Want flair,  fashion and a vintage look to go with it?

Next time you’re looking for all of those at the same time, think about Les enfants sauvages from right here in my city, Montreal!

They have really great pieces that are sure to pass thru time! And the pictures, love ’em!!



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Name Calling

Name calling is usually not a good thing, but with The Names Brand, it’s a whole other story!

Now you can show your love of your favorite sports players, TV series characters and politicians (and more!) in bold and clear. They all come in men, women, kids and baby sizes and can be customized any color you’d like.

As you can see, I have a thing for the 1996 Chicago Bulls team (Rodman being my idol and all since I was a teen (and not ’cause of his hair, lol)), Barack and Michelle and Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

What are your faves? :)

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HandFash { Part 2 }

Jersey Bow Tank, by Janey Clothing.

Such amazing handmade fashion pieces from all these sellers, it’s hard to choose! :)

Lulu Waterproof Jacket, by Crystalindumentaria.

Silk Chiffon and Lace Backless Dress, by Holly Stalder.

Stripey Tee, by Little Ocean.

Mini Dress Irredescent, by Pavlina Dadakova.

Pleated Neckline Top, by Lirola.

Acid Earth Dress, by ArmoursansAnguish.

Standing Tall Jacket, by Rare Turtle.

Butterfly Top, by JustVic.


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The Machine Stops

Talk about fabulous, detailed and special handmade clothing! The Machine Stops from Hawaii offers just that!

There you’ll find great textured fabrics, modern shapes and colors, and thought out details like cute pockets and lovely stitching. Perfect for the modern outgoing lady you are! :)


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Cashmere, organic cotton, lyocell (wood pulp), Italian yarn and merino wool are all fibers you will find to love at Beklina! With comfortable but styling fits, sustainable style in mind and many wonderful neutral colors, you will get texture, texture, texture! (And yes, that IS Melrose from ANTM Cycle 7 in the last picture!)

You will also find some paper items and these wonderful ceramic containers by Vincent Van Duysen, a wonderful Belgium architect and product designer!


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