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} Zillpa

A simple enough utilitarian item, rope has been around every living souls for centuries. Making it current and with another purpose is quite more difficult, tho.

From Brisbane in Australia, Zillpa has done just that, delightfully. From bags to coasters and bowls, stitched in the color of your choice, rope can now take a new path and adorn your everyday life!


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Leave No Rim, Sugah

Silhouette Wood Coasters by Peppersprouts.

Have you noticed there’s always a don’t-leave-a-rim scene in most ongoing TV Shows? This weekend I was watching my Sex And The City DVDs (I gots the soft furry pink collection box set, love it!) and there it was. And then I caught a rerun of Friends, and there it was again.

This is very important. Get coasters, peeps! lol :)


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