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} Shade on Shape

Oh, the power of a pop of color in a monochrome room! Sure, the tone on tone or black&white color ideas have their power and benefits, BUT I’m a fan for color (my living room IS turquoise, after all.), and mostly great color combos. Call it an ex-graphic designer default setting, perhaps…

Shade on Shape‘s emphasis is all about simple yet powerful (thru color) home objects. Vibrant pops! :)


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Free Magenta – NOW!

Wowww, I never ever thought I would ever see something as ridiculous as this!

It reads like this on Advertblog:

“In The Netherlands, a social movement is born to protect the free use of the magenta colour in communication materials. The fight has begun recently, when mobile carrier T-Mobile has started a legal fight versus a series of Dutch brands such as Slam FM, Compello and 100% NL which magenta in their logo.

Basically T-Mobile claims it owns the rights to use magenta in commercial materials, saying the registered them at the Oami… It’s such a silly thing!”

I am truly speachless… T-Mobile is really getting the big head syndrome!

Luce, watch out! lol :)

} Via SwissMiss


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{ Blog of the week } Kris’s Color Stripes

Blog } Kris’s Color Stripes

I like } Everything! Such an inpiring blog to follow daily… And mostly on Panic!-I-have-the-empty-paper-syndrome days! lol

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