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} Puces Pop Automne 2013


Puces Pop Automne 2013 arrive vite!

Puces Pop, c’est des dizaines d’artisans dans les domaines de la bouffe, joaillerie, art, déco, mode, objets utilitaires… Tant de joli à découvrir et admirer!

J’y serai avec les nouveautés 2013 ainsi que les classiques, et puis plein de sourires ;) On se voit là, oui?!

Église St-Michel (105, rue St-Viateur Ouest, Montréal)
Jeudi 26 septembre: 16h à 20h
Vendredi 27 septembre: 12h à 20h
Samedi 28 et dimanche 29 septembre: 11h à 18h


Puces Pop Spring 2013 is coming up quick!

Puces Pop is about dozens of artisans of fields ranging from food, jewelry, art, decor, fashion, object… So much to discover!

I will be there with the new items of 2013 as well as the classics, and of course lots of smiles! ;) I’ll see you there, right?!

St-Michel Church (105 St-Viateur Street West, Montreal)
Thursday september 26th: 4 to 8pm
Friday september 27th: 12 to 8pm
Saturday september 28th and Sunday 29th: 11am to 6pm


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} Flower Seed Paper

In the land of crafts, there are some classic materials that are usually part of everyone’s learning curve, such as ribbons. I myself, had some flirt sessions with the ethereal and soft quality of ribbons when I first started making and selling jewelry! See? (OMG how awful are those 3-out-of-4-homemade pictures! haha! Thank goodness I’ve improved on that over the years…)

Often times tho, they are put aside with time, as I did. It might be a real shame actually, especially for a texture lover like myself!

I recently stumbled upon Flower Seed Paper‘s shop, and got excited to see hand-dyed silk ribbons! I like how, by being handmade, they have way more of a richness of tints and hues and subtleties compared to their commercially tinted counterparts. Plus, it makes a one-of-a-kind for every piece of ribbon cut! And that’s always awesome in itself. :)

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} Puces Pop Printemps 2013


Puces Pop Printemps 2013, c’est cette fin de semaine!

Puces Pop, c’est des dizaines d’artisans dans les domaines de la bouffe, joaillerie, art, déco, mode, objets utilitaires… Tant à découvrir!

J’y serai, accompagnée de mes items classiques, des nouveautés 2013, ainsi qu’avec quelques extras nouveaux morceaux jamais même dévoilés encore (incluant, imaginez-vous donc, un bracelet… on n’arrête pas le progrès! hihi).

J’espère vous y voir après votre bagel du matin! :)

Église St-Michel (105, rue St-Viateur Ouest, Montréal)
Vendredi 31 mai: 18h à 21h
1er et 2 juin: 11h à 18h


Puces Pop Spring 2013 is this weekend!

Puces Pop is about dozens of artisans of fields ranging from food, jewelry, art, decor, fashion, object… So much to discover!

I will be there with my classics, my new items of 2013, as well as with a couple of never even revealed extra pieces (including a bracelet – can you even believe it? lol).

I hope to see you there after your morning bagel! :)

St-Michel Church (105 St-Viateur Street West, Montreal)
Friday May 31st: 6pm to 9pm
June 1st and 2nd: 11am to 6pm


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} Skillshare & Craftsy

Teaching your skills takes 1- courage and 2- skill.

Especially if, exactly that, what you teach is a precise skill, then you need skill at your trade, plus skill at teaching. Whoo!

As far as courage goes, I mean, teaching a craft that makes you earn a living, that is tons of courageous. Copycats are always lurking, and giving them the tools to do so even more easily needs guts. But then again, that is my insecure self speaking. Cause I totally ADMIRE those who do. What strength and confidence! Just beautiful.

I don’t miss actual school, but I like taking a class once in a while! I’m doing my 3rd pottery throwing class right now (porcelain this time too, my fave, yay!) and I love it SO MUCH. It is good for my overall creativity flow, as well as my general mood. lol :P

With that said, I recently found out about two website communities promoting exactly that: online classes from skilled people at affordable prices! NICE.


Skillshare offers classes such as how to photoshoot in the darkness (so CANNOT do this), or go crazy by drawing illustrative words (I’m REALLY tempted by this one…), or how learn to apply eye makeup (perhaps I shall learn eventually), or even design thyself (now that’s a project!).

There are other subjects too, such as a gardening class too for example, but it must be done right now because I can’t find it anymore! You can watchlist your faves on there, so this doesn’t happen. ;)


Craftsy is, well, mostly on crafts. You can try a couple of free mini-classes first, and then, go crazy with affordable ones! Such as making your own cheese (ohhh myyy gahddd), learn to garden in containers (one of my fave hobbies), dabble in metalsmithing (wow!), or decorate a fancy ombré cake (whut!).

There are also a couple of shorter, quicker little workshops available, if more intensive (but better rounded around a total skill) classes are not your thing, as well as some affordable patterns.

Alright, let’s learn new stuff now. :P

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} Fêtes 2011 Holidays

I will be at 3 craft shows this Holiday season! Here are the details, and I hope to see you there! :)

Je serai à 3 foires artisanales des Fêtes cette année! Voici les détails et j’espère vous voir! :)

SmartDesignMart * On December 2-3-4, you will find me with all my work at SDM! This event is held in a huge space, and each artist is free to decorate theirs space as they’d like, which makes for a very unique vibe and way to shop for Xmas! Come say hello! :)

SmartDesignMart * Les 2-3-4 décembre, venez me voir au SDM! Cet évènement se tien dans un très grand espace, et chaque artiste a la liberté de créer son propre environnement, ce qui rend le tout l’atmosphère unique et spécial pour magasiner pour les Fêtes! Venez y faire un tour! :)

Souk@Sat * On December 9-10-11, you can find my work at the SAT! My stitched pieces will be there, as well as some of my jewelry. It’s just a wonderful event, full of high quality design and craft products. A must to buy some gifts for Xmas, or just to see some great Montreal talent! I’ll be there in the flesh on the 9th, and my friend Paule will be greeting you at my table on the 10-11th. We’ll see you there! :)

Souk@Sat * Les 9-10-11 décembre, vous me trouverez à la SAT! J’aurai là-bas toute ma collection de broderies, ainsi que certains bijoux. Le Souk est un évènement fabuleux, rempli de produits design et créatifs de haute qualité. Parfait pour vos achats des Fêtes, ou simplement pour découvrir du talent Montréalais! J’y serai personnellement le 9, et mon amie Paule vous acceuillera à ma table les 10-11. On vous y voit! :)

Puces Pop * On December 10-11, it’s time for a classic! I’ll bring tons of jewelry (including brand new styles!) and some of my stitch, so you can do some Holiday shopping! I’ll be glad to say hi, so make sure to come!! :)

Puces Pop * Les 10-11 Decembre, c’est le temps d’un classique! J’y serai avec des tonnes de bijoux (incluant des nouveautés!) ainsi qu’avec des pièces brodées, afin que vous puissiez faire du magasinage des Fêtes! Je serai contente de vous saluer, alors assurez-vous de venir faire un tour! :)

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} Felt Ahoy

I don’t usually blog about supplies for craft unless they are handmade, BUT this colorful argyle felt sheet sold by FabricsRus is just too cool to pass up!

They also sell plain color felts, lovely color choices! I love felt’s texture.

That’s all folks, get crafty! :D

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} PucesPop

It’s pretty much Fall now (YAY! My favorite season!), and what that also means for me is PucesPop time!

PucesPop is a craft show that I’ve been doing for a while now, and I just love it! I’m used to working in my home, selling online or in consignment shops, and I never get to see my buyers. And that is why craft shows are so important and so fun for me! I get to see people in the flesh, and interact with those who fall in love with some of my pieces. Priceless, I’m telling ya!

If you are in the Montreal area, come say hello on
September 24-25

from 11AM to 6PM
at St-Michael’s Church, 105 St-Viateur St. West.

See the vendor directory, and I hope to see your faces this weekend!! :D

} Cash only, no sales tax at Nea!
} Facebook event


L’automne est là (YÉ! Ma saison favorite!) et ce que ça veut aussi dire pour moi c’est que c’est le temps de PucesPop!

PucesPop est une foire artisanale à laquelle je participe depuis quelque temps déjà, et j’adore! Je suis habituée de travaille de chez moi, de vendre en ligne et en boutiques, ce qui fait que je ne rencontre jamais mes acheteurs. C’est pour cette raison que les foires artisanales sont si importantes et plaisantes pour moi! Je peux de cette façon rencontrer des gens en chair et en os, et interagir avec ceux qui tombent en amour avec certaines de mes créations. Tout ça n’a pas de prix!

Alors si vous êtes dans la région de Montréal, venez me dire un petit bonjour!
24-25 Septembre

de 11h à 18h
à l’église St-Michel, 105, rue St-Viateur Ouest.

Consultez le répertoire des artisans, et j’espère voir vos visages ce weekend!! :D

} Argent comptant seulement, pas de taxes pour Nea!
} Évènement Facebook

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