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} WoodInk

*** Addition information, as of March 18, 2014.
This company has changed it’s name, but has also been a very negative experience for many buyers. I suggest you read more in the comments below.

Found out about these fabulous customizable cutting boards from WoodInk via Vanessa‘s (personnal) Facebook page. How wonderful!

From meat cuts to cutting grids to chevrons and more, at least one of these babies will pierce your heart and you’ll WANT IT NOW. For sure.



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Footed Wood

Who knew something as everyday as a cutting board could create lust in me? Well, Gray Works Design has done it!

Their Footed Plattes™ are earthy and they like to feature the wood in itself, letting it be what it’s supposed to be, in shape and color.

You can also find a few furniture pieces (tables, benches, stools) over there that you’ll adore!


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