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} Theme Fragrance

This is the 2013 version of I’m-buying-this-CD-just-because-I-like-the-cover.

The Theme Fragrance shop is filled with products in beautiful packaging, and tempting scents. Designs are clean and crisp, the colors fit well the announced smells.

Seeing that, it’s not much of a surprise that the owner, E. Morrison, is a RISD graduate and photographer, but she went into the perfume world blind and self-taught herself her now mastered skills!

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} Giles Miller

Giles Miller makes new of the classic tile. Paired with different materials and shapes, it can make for an awesome creative mosaic. The results of playing with shapes and light has never been so fun to look at!

I’m tempted to tag this “art”, and not “decor”…! Ah, why the hell not. :)

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} Greenery Design

French architect Patrick Nadeau likes to work with greenery when designing. His pieces are a blend between useful object and artistic design. What he suggests enhances plants and living beings, while keeping the object very present in the mix. Loving it!

Via } Design For Mankind

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} La Firme

La Firme, based in Montreal, dables into anything from object to architecture.

I had seen that folding chair somewhere around the web before, but how AWESOME is that BBQ lamp huh!? And the custom wooden bike… I have no words! :)

Via } Design Milk


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} Russell & George

Over in Australia, Russell & George likes to blur the lines between different fields of design practice. Between architecture and interior design and art, they truly enhance spaces without using boundaries.

Makes for GORGEOUS rooms and AWESOME atmospheres!

Via } Desire To Inspire

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} The Graphic Miss

Image by Mikael Floysand.

Weirdly enough, I’ve been missing graphic design a little these past fest weeks. I say “weirdly” because when I stopped doing it in 2008, I never looked back, and never regretted the decision, not even one second. And I still don’t.

But, there is some precise things I do miss about it, and one of them is layout design. The other thing is typography. I used to do a lot of magazine design, catalog design, brochure design. Printed documents, containing plenty of text to play around with. It was kind of my specialty, I guess, and it was what I loved to do… That is, if you forget about the ridiculous “for yesterday” deadlines, and the always so many constraints, and some (definitely not all) know-it-all-that-don’t-know-anything clients, and yadayadayada, those things that made me not want to do graphic design anymore.

Anyway. I spent some time yesterday looking at the Grafika 2012 results (Quebec province’s annual graphic design competition). And spent some time unwillingly noticing this design desire coming back slowly.

Honestly, I don’t know what to actually DO with it all.

I’m kinda… simmering. Simmering thoughts and ideas. On, perhaps, how to bloom that little need into something I’ll actually enjoy doing. Something that has freedom and joy attached to it, ya know?

Rambling: OFF.
Simmer: ON.

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} House BVA

This 2007 project by dmvA Architecten (Netherlands) I find just awesome! Once in a while, a city design work appeals to me, it seems! I like the woods, and I like the city, but urban home exteriors seems to be much harder (with reason) to accomplish with uniqueness and a special touch that makes my heart pump! :)

As for House BVA, I’m especially fond of the exterior brick work, which was created because the client wanted privacy on the street side. I mean, look at it! It’s like knitting brick!!! How beautiful!!!

Via } Architizer

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