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} Olive Thomas

I was starting to wonder why so many handmade shoes came from Israel. Turns out, there is a shoe making and designing school there! How awesome!

Which brings me to Olive Thomas, a young lady from there. Printed shoes. HECK YEAH!! I also adore her classic shapes with a unique twist, and great color/leather combo choices, all available between sizes 5 to 10.5.

Gotta love it, right!? :)


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Rain or Shine

Rain or Shine original collage, by getfreefly.

Two wonderfully fabulous shops that I discovered in the past week have to be mentionned here!

Representing “Rain” is Uruguay designer label TLDG Rainwear (“Todos los días grises”).

They make gorgeous raincoats, like the classic but edgy trench, but also the stylish hoodie! They are 100% waterproof and come is popping colors.

Representing “Shine” is Madeline Wood.

She offers a great variety of skirts, tops, pants and dresses with great textures and colors from pleats and buttons in fuchsia up to brown.


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HandFash { Part 2 }

Jersey Bow Tank, by Janey Clothing.

Such amazing handmade fashion pieces from all these sellers, it’s hard to choose! :)

Lulu Waterproof Jacket, by Crystalindumentaria.

Silk Chiffon and Lace Backless Dress, by Holly Stalder.

Stripey Tee, by Little Ocean.

Mini Dress Irredescent, by Pavlina Dadakova.

Pleated Neckline Top, by Lirola.

Acid Earth Dress, by ArmoursansAnguish.

Standing Tall Jacket, by Rare Turtle.

Butterfly Top, by JustVic.


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Montreal Fashion Week

Marie Saint Pierre 1-2

Bonjour y’all! :)

This week I will probably blog mostly (if not only) about the Montreal Fashion Week that will be held from tomorrow Tuesday March 25th to the 28th, Friday. I normally go grab pictures from the site’s media section and show them to you, but this time, I’ll be there myself in flesh and blood (Tuesday to Thursday) taking some pics, from the showroom to the runway! YAY!

You can expect some Bodybag by Jude, Envers, Anne de Shalla, Helmer, Dinh Bà, Morales, Denis Gagnon, Rudsak, and much much more (like some shoe shots, I probably wont be able to resist! lol)!

So, follow this blog as well as my Flickr starting tomorrow night, where I will be uploading ALL the pics, for some awesome Montreal designer fashion! YAY!

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