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} Skillshare & Craftsy

Teaching your skills takes 1- courage and 2- skill.

Especially if, exactly that, what you teach is a precise skill, then you need skill at your trade, plus skill at teaching. Whoo!

As far as courage goes, I mean, teaching a craft that makes you earn a living, that is tons of courageous. Copycats are always lurking, and giving them the tools to do so even more easily needs guts. But then again, that is my insecure self speaking. Cause I totally ADMIRE those who do. What strength and confidence! Just beautiful.

I don’t miss actual school, but I like taking a class once in a while! I’m doing my 3rd pottery throwing class right now (porcelain this time too, my fave, yay!) and I love it SO MUCH. It is good for my overall creativity flow, as well as my general mood. lol :P

With that said, I recently found out about two website communities promoting exactly that: online classes from skilled people at affordable prices! NICE.


Skillshare offers classes such as how to photoshoot in the darkness (so CANNOT do this), or go crazy by drawing illustrative words (I’m REALLY tempted by this one…), or how learn to apply eye makeup (perhaps I shall learn eventually), or even design thyself (now that’s a project!).

There are other subjects too, such as a gardening class too for example, but it must be done right now because I can’t find it anymore! You can watchlist your faves on there, so this doesn’t happen. ;)


Craftsy is, well, mostly on crafts. You can try a couple of free mini-classes first, and then, go crazy with affordable ones! Such as making your own cheese (ohhh myyy gahddd), learn to garden in containers (one of my fave hobbies), dabble in metalsmithing (wow!), or decorate a fancy ombré cake (whut!).

There are also a couple of shorter, quicker little workshops available, if more intensive (but better rounded around a total skill) classes are not your thing, as well as some affordable patterns.

Alright, let’s learn new stuff now. :P


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} Pimp Them Nails: Geometric

Again, I like to paint my nails. It’s my girly thing! :)

Once in a while, inspiration and ideas are just not there (and who would I be with bare nails, I ask you. lol) and so you end up just painting them simply (which is fine too, can be real nice results when with mixing colors as pairs or trios, too!).

After a few days, I might get bored tho. But still liking the colors. SO! The solution: pimp them!

Under is a little visual tutorial on how I pimped these once simple nails into a little bit of a funky geometric visual a few days later.

Make sure to use white scotch tape (color adheres better!), and let it dry an appropriate time before cutting little shapes with scissors. Also, apply one (or even two) top coats after  finishing your design. This way, you’ll extend your manicure’s life for another couple of days.

Hope you like the idea!! :)

Via } Small Good Things


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} Sun Tea, For You.

Ah, how I love tea. Herbal or not. Hot water infused or not.

Yeah, sun tea. Perfect for summer: yummy + easy! Here’s how it’s done!

– Find a good clean glass jar, with a lid.
– Fill with tap water, room temperature.
– Add anything you’d like, basically.*
– Close lid, shake it up a little.
– Leave jar in the sun for a couple of hours.
– Strain, add sugar if needed.
– If you want it cold, now would be the time to put it in the fridge a little, add ice cubes and whatnot. If not, it will be naturally warm (not hot) and that’s pretty refreshing too in the summer heat!
– Drink up people! :P

Here I chose to do an herbal one, with fresh mint, slices of lemon, a few dried rose and blue borage petals, a little sugar.

* The possibilities are endless! Actual tea sachets (or loose leaves), rosemary, lavender, cilantro, orange, strawberry, and even whole spices like black pepper seeds or cardamom. Whatever suits your fancy. Basically, use what you have on hand at that precise moment, and it’s bound to be delicious anyway! :)

And then, enjoy! Just as I am right this moment writing this, drinking the results of what you see up there! :)


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Gift Guide 2009 { DIY }

** I know it’s kinda late for the last Gift Guide post, but eh! Was so busy with craft shows & tiredness, couldn’t go faster! For the fun of it, let’s do this anyway :)

As part of my Holiday Gift Guide 2009,
here are some suggestions for the crafty peeps around you that can’t get enough of making things!

Take the Handmade Pledge this Holiday season!

** Please note that the sellers suggested are NOT sponsors!
These are MY suggestions! **


Check out more Gift Guides posts!


Fashionary, by FashionaryOnline.

Bazan knitting pattern, by JaneRichmond.

Dark grey poppies fat quarter, by Repeat.

Good to Know magazine, 6 months subscription, by Pikaland.
* Also available, PDF subscription.

Mozzarella and ricotta DIY cheese kit, by UrbanCheesecraft.

Reclaimed wood business card holder, by MadeInTheHV.

Recycled t-shirt yarn, by EclecticNotions.

Faux bois notebook, by OhSoGood.

Rustic stoneware beads, by MidnightCoiler.

Sheet of brown handmade recycled paper, by WhiteDragonPaper.

Pine needles & walnut DIY basket kit, by PineGardenBaskets.

DIY small terrarium kit, by MudPuppy.

Japanese tree and leaf button set, sold by FelicitySiu.

Pear pincushion PDF sewing pattern, by RetroMama.

TriFolding Display Case, by ArtisanWoodcrafting.


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Make Your Own Cheese!

YES! What a brilliant and oh so tempting idea by UrbanCheesecraft!

These simple kits with instructions would be the perfect gift for the person who has everything! Go for the goat cheese kit, the mozzarella and ricotta one, or the paneer and Queso Blanco one!



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Plötulopi Yarn

TheIcelandicWool‘s Plötulopi yarn is so tempting!

It is a fragile unspun yarn made with Islandic wool, which is created from coarse and fine fibers. Comes in many yummy colors too, of course!


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Gift Guide 2008 { DIY Lover }

As part of my Holiday Gift Guide 2008,
here are some suggestions for the crafty gals and guys who wanna do it all themselves!

Also, go see last year’s DIY Lover selection!

Take the Handmade Pledge this Holiday season!

** Please note that the sellers suggested are NOT sponsors!
These are MY suggestions! **


Handprinted Needle Case, by Plainjanetextiles.

Briar Buttons, by UrbanTurn.

Recycled T-Shirt Yarns, by Mklawrie.

Handmade Ring Blank, by PointyPaws.

Handcrafted Knitting Needles, by Baahurrah.

Handmade Urchin Pincushion, by Nadelwerk.

Handmade Polymer Clay Stamps, by Charityelise.

Handmade Clasp, by Angrybunny.

Natural Alpaca Roving, by Vampy.

Large Oxidized Copper Circles, by Metamorph.

Handmade Cherry Niddy Noddy, by TheSpinnersEmporium.

Egg Stoneware Beads, by NKPbeads.

Porcelain Brush Rest, by Sumiko.


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DIY Braided Scarf

Oh wow! I want to try this badly!

The lovely Ah-Yi wrote a simple tutorial on how to do this on her blog, here. Tempting, ain’t it?

She also has a fabulous little Etsy shop called yuizdan168, packed with lovely and unique Gocco prints.

Via }

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Gift Guide 2007 { DIY Lover }

As part of my Holiday Gift Guide 2007,
here are some suggestions for DIY related items!

Take the Handmade Pledge this Holiday season!

* Please note that none of the sellers featured are sponsors! These a MY favorites!


If your recipient is someone who likes to take control and loves DIY (Do It Yourself), handmade supplies are just the thing to make them as happy as fish in water! You can’t give gifts more in sync with the Handmade Pledge with these!


Handforged chasing tools for jewelers and metalsmiths by Knitsteel.

Aquarelle porcelain palette by VanessaMarie.

Hand spun merino/alpaca yarn by HandSpunandDyedToo.

Hand screen printed linen/cotton fabric by hollabee.

Handmade ball headpins sampler by metamorph.

Handmade needle felted beads by LucysPostcardQuilts.

Handmade lacy ceramic button by veronicabuttons.

Handmade wooden knitting needles by sheepishxlion.

Handmade ceramic beads by panopoly.

Cotton/linen fabric printed with eco-friendly solvent free inks by Kirinco.

Handmade rosey copper hammered rings by E2SSupplies.

Handmade bamboo, alpaca, silk, and corriedale drum carded batts by loop.

Metallic silver bottom whorl spindle by froggyfibers.

Handmade lampwork glass beads by rufusandroxy.

Hand Formed Copper Ring Stitch Markers by spindlecatstudio.

Hand dyed merino wool yarn by yarnchef.

Ozark pine wood crafters caddie by baboxes.

Artist brush or knitting needle case by chickenpox.

Pointy handmade recycled plastic beads by TMBMT.


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