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} Treasure Frey

Getting transported to a weird, intense, colorful world is always a pleasure in my mind. Treasure Frey definitely delivers!

Shapes and/or figures, surrealism and/or conceptual, colorful and/or undertoned, I’m totally smitten!


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} Art Stones

Loving these little white river stones adorned my the hand of Leanne Thomas! Some cool little organic or geometric designs, perfect little extra touch for any decor!

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Louche Lab

This one’s for the animal lovers out there!

Altho Louche Lab‘s shop is full of stunning art, I fell in love with the painted porcelain collection she’s offering! Featuring everything from birdies, fishies, zebras and bears, her style is fun, outlined and vibrant! Totally would put even a little more life into a morning coffee! :)


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I have been a fan of Siiso for a while now, especially her Blossoms Series (2nd picture). This morning I saw her Abstract Landscape (1st picture) and absolutely fell in love with it!!

Her use of color is just sublime to look at and her sense of space is ethereal, don’t you think?

I totally know where a print version would go in my new home in 2 months! There’s this ugly metal electric box in the corridor that needs a frame & lovely artwork to hide it… Perfect, right?


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