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} Tilissimo

Coasters are such a simple affordable everyday life item, but can also easily add color and style to your living quarters! Totally digging these colorful and graphic re-purposed ceramic tile ones by Tilissimo!



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} Vanda

Interesting shapes and cuts and textured details is what Vanda Fashion is all about. This new shop, run by two sisters in Israel, offers fashion forward dresses that have personality, but that wont break the bank.

Some are redesigned with vintage pieces, which is always awesome for uniqueness and for the eco-friendly side of it all! :)

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} Vietto

From collars to decorative shoulder pads to printed tops, Vietto is half way between subtility and statement pieces.

Whites and blacks, beiges and blues, textures and shapes, pleats and folds, designs on flowy tops, everything is made in Finland with either eco cotton, bamboo, left-over materials or upcycled fabrics. Gotta love a side of eco-conscience with your garment! :)

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} Remakerie

Fall is here (WOOHOO! Favorite season FTW!!) and so it’s legit to pull out your favorite knits off the top shelf.

Those same ones that inspired The Remakerie a couple of upcycling decor pieces: from big cushions to jar sleeves. Loving these cuties!! A great idea and a great cozy result for your home :)

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} Poppy and Pearl

Mason jars have been trending for a while now. Used obviously for canning, but also for pretty much anything else: lamps, candles and candle holders, decor… And drinking vessels!

Poppy and Pearl Co offers jars with specially made lids and straws to go with it. Super cute! I am especially fond of the ones with handles, been wanting some for a while now!

You can buy complete sets, or just some lids with straws if you already have plenty of jars on hand. Practical! :)

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} Ekra

I’ve always wanted a crocheted rug made from recycled fabrics. They are simple, can match any decor, and very durable!

Ekra offers a ton of pretty ones, in many different colors and patterns. I especially like those with the monogram: perfect for your pet, right? Will have one someday! :)

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} Blake Avenue

Ahhhh reclaimed wood, how I love you. Forever and ever.

The people at Blake Avenue surely has this exact same thought on a daily basis. Their wood is recovered from architecture that dates back 80 to 150 years and used to make long lasting stunning furniture pieces. Plus, when one says recycled, one also says unique one of’s.

Sure, you probably can’t afford a piece on a impulse purchase. But you can always dream, and even, plan a purchase for the future. :)

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} Willow Ship

Willow Ship is the one woman show of former graphic designer Blake. With a soft spot for eco-friendly linen and screenprinting, she creates cocktail napkins and pillows with wonderful printed shapes and patterns. Colors are subtle, yet get noticed!

I think they are stunning and perfect for any hostess occasion, but then again, why not use awesomeness for your everyday self, right?!

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} Peg and Awl

Looking at my notepads, I realized one day that most of the info on there was for one time use only. A company number, a CMYK color code, the precise time the bus I had to catch would go by. And after that, the info would just exist, but not be used ever again. I thought there should be another solution that wouldn’t be wasting so much paper, and cut down the visual noise.

A long while back, I had discovered some Ceramic Memo Boards that I thought looked really cool (and useful)!

Recently, I found these little wooden chalkboards from Peg and Awl. Wowsa, instant loooove!! They are sold with a chalk pencil, in a trio ($56 USD), as well as in a single ($22 USD).

Browsing thru that shop again earlier, I realized they are also the ones selling that Tub Caddy I’ve been eying since I moved in my new place more than a year ago!

You’ll also find there other awesome items, such as bookends and cutting boards and spice racks! Sweet!!

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At Hazel & Hunter you’ll find wonderful spruced up vintage furniture you’ll fall in love with!

From right here in Montreal, Julie finds great shapes in chairs and benches and then runs to the studio to pair them with new fabrics to give them a new life! Also check out her wonderful pillows!


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Urban Posture

School is starting up again, so you need to gear up! Why go for not recyclable wares when there’s another option (a stylish one even!!)?

Go lurk through Urban Posture‘s shop where you’ll find eco-friendly binders and tabs and folders. Yes, all made from recycled materials, super cute, and also, recyclable in the future!

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What are hangeliers? Well, hangers + chandelier!

Made by Organelle out of Vancouver from salvaged hangers, these chandeliers outta make a conversation piece! They are true works of art and something you’ll love to look at for years and years!!


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Eco Straw World

I’m a straw girl. Yes I know, straws are so bad for the environment — 15 minutes use and then pops into the junk for years and years. I just get cold sores so easily with cans and all!

But I finally found THE solution for the rest of my life: Straws by Carli.

Handmade glass straws, from out of locally bought borosilicate glass (that’s the same glass as the known Pyrex), and hear it people: Garanteed for LIFE! With normal use, of course. Yep, that means: broke one? You get a replacement!

I think I’m going to buy some right now, and then make me a little linen pouch to carry one around when I get outside and order a soft drink for lunch!


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I love love love repurposed… well, anything! If you do too, at KayLim you’ll be thrilled!

Old fleece tops get a new life after she gets her hands on them and cuts, sews, stitches, knits, crochets, braids!

This kind of shabby chic is exactly what we need!


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Mobile Central

Woah! These pictures are sooooo great, aren’t they? And I mean, mobiles are so cool! Plus, made with recycled vintage French magazines, I’m about to faint. lol

From royalbuffet, between $17 ans $25. There’s no reason not to get one! :)


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