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Wish you were… Sweet & Sour Cards

YAY for my NeaBlossoms card designs!

Here’s the second pair of my Sweet & Sour Collection!


So, every bone in your body misses her? You want him to come back to you asap?

Let him/her know how much with this cute “Wish you were… here” card!

Expressing your needs makes for great relationships, even with Mother Earth! The card and envelope are 100% recycled paper!


You hate her so? He gets on your last nerve? She makes you pull your hair out, litterally? He back-stabs you daily? She keeps you in misery?

Swipe off that faux smile and keep it real (!) with this “Wish you were… dead” card!

Now, let’s admit it, you’ll kinda be a meany for sending this card… But the good side is, you still are a nice person! The card and envelope are 100% recycled paper!

Halmark wont let you say it, but I am!
lol!! :)


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Today’s Daily Candy was about these Dryerballs from Nellie’s, a company from BC, Canada. I thought it was an interesting product, so here it is!

“Dryerballs lift and separate clothes, reducing drying time because the air is moving efficiently and properly throughout the dryer. Dryerballs will cut drying time 15-25%.”

“For $20 plus tax Dryerballs will last you 3-5 years. That works out to around $4 a year plus you are saving on your electricity as well as on not buying fabric softeners.”

That IS convincing, and it is even more with the 2 years garantee!

After I finish my fabric softener box, I’m buying these! (I can’t just throw away the softener I already have, that’s so NOT eco-friendly to create unused waste!)

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