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} Boots N Gus

Boots N Gus takes vintage to a whole new level by pairing it with recycling and reusing.

Those beautiful vintage plates and kitchenware can have a new life in the form of lighting: brilliant way to upcycle! Also, bird feeders and hanging planters. Lovin’ it all!


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} Blake Avenue

Ahhhh reclaimed wood, how I love you. Forever and ever.

The people at Blake Avenue surely has this exact same thought on a daily basis. Their wood is recovered from architecture that dates back 80 to 150 years and used to make long lasting stunning furniture pieces. Plus, when one says recycled, one also says unique one of’s.

Sure, you probably can’t afford a piece on a impulse purchase. But you can always dream, and even, plan a purchase for the future. :)

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} Orchard Studio

These totally eco-friendly chairs by Orchard Studio (UK) are made of recycled OSB board and royal mail elastics.

Pick your color, and receive it flat so you can assemble yourself. So fun!! :)

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} Tomate d’épingles

Felt like pimping my friends over at .tomate d’épingles. today! :)

They (my friend Guylaine and her sister Isabelle) offer jewelry (for men too!) made from recycled material: vintage ties and vintage printer’s films (topographic maps, as well!) are some of the materials they praise on!

Snoop around their shop for some more eco-friendly goodness!!!

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} Puzzling

Yup! I’m a puzzle fan, altho I don’t do some often… Last time was like 6 years ago maybe? Add wood, eco-friendly (sustainably harvested wood, solar-kiln dried, plant-based, bio-degradable plastic sleeve) and handmade, and I go completely gaga!

These wooden puzzles by Timber Green Woods might look easy at 4in large, but hum, I have a feeling they are just NOT. I’ll let you know in an update, cause I’m going to buy one, for sure.

Also check out the rest of a shop, it’s totally worth a look! Loving the Spaghettiometer in particular! :D

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Eco Straw World

I’m a straw girl. Yes I know, straws are so bad for the environment — 15 minutes use and then pops into the junk for years and years. I just get cold sores so easily with cans and all!

But I finally found THE solution for the rest of my life: Straws by Carli.

Handmade glass straws, from out of locally bought borosilicate glass (that’s the same glass as the known Pyrex), and hear it people: Garanteed for LIFE! With normal use, of course. Yep, that means: broke one? You get a replacement!

I think I’m going to buy some right now, and then make me a little linen pouch to carry one around when I get outside and order a soft drink for lunch!


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I love love love repurposed… well, anything! If you do too, at KayLim you’ll be thrilled!

Old fleece tops get a new life after she gets her hands on them and cuts, sews, stitches, knits, crochets, braids!

This kind of shabby chic is exactly what we need!


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Most. Perfect. Spoons. Ever.

I am without much words. Made from recycled glass bottles. Just LOVE and WANT!

By Laurence Brabant, Cold Cuts Collection.

Via } Perrenia


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Recycled fur hawtness

Thanks to my great friend Guylaine and her sister Isabelle of Tomate d’épingles, many new readers have arrived to my little blog here directly from their interview as featured sellers today on Etsy (YAY!!)!

So, hello, and welcome!!
For the occasion, I decided to put up a new banner on this blog! Do you like? :)

Also, I thought I’d show you some of Tomate d’épingles‘ new recycled fur rings series, ’cause they are HOT as hell, and I want them all, seriously!!

Check out their entire shop today tho, because they have added many other brand spanking new eco jewelry!!


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