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Polite Replies

  • When someone emails, I respond. I will probably send the last email out of us both, just to thank you more.
  • When someone sends me an Etsy convo, I respond. My last reply will probably be “Thanks to YOU!”.
  • When I make a sale, I send a thank you email.
  • When I get a comment on a blog post, I respond something back. So, almost 50% of the comments under my blog posts are my own.
  • When I get a comment on a Flickr photo, I say thanks. So, almost 50% of the comments under my photos are my own.
  • When I get off MSN, I say bye first to the people I was chatting with.
  • In almost all those replies, I type at least one ” :) ” and one ” ! ” …

And when other don’t do the same, it sometimes makes me sad, mad, annoyed…

I have been surfing the Web, chatting and having a virtual life for… Hum… Exactly half of my life, 13 years.
It has been part of who I am for a while now.

Am I overly virtually friendly?
Am I virtually annoying?
Am I virtually weird????? lol


Up there is the most recent Apple keyboard… Ahhh, I dream about not cleaning a keyboard ever again! lol!

Bye! :) (<— See, it’s true!!)



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Oh Deer! Holidays are here!

haha! I love my title! :)

Here are some new Holiday flat cards and tags I made over the weekend, available in my NeaBlossoms shop!

Cute little deers with antlers and pretty stars over their head, awwww, so cute! Enjoy :)


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