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Little Birdie Told Me

Mushroom Ceramic Bird House, by MudPuppy.

Spring is here and little birdies are singing along all day while you work… And we love that, right? ;)

Why not take care of them to make sure we keep them around? Little bird houses and feeders will do the trick!

Birdfeeder 111, by Joepapendick.

Whimisical Bird House, by Clocksandwoodart.

Ceramic Acorn Bird House, by Birdartist.

Reclaimed Cedar Wren Bird House, by Andrew’s Reclaimed.
Bees and bats and butterfly houses and feeders also available, anyone? :)

In the Forest Stoneware Bird House, by Kylieparry.

Reclaimed street lights bird feeder, by Redyellowandblueink.

Hanging Bird Feeder, by LeaningOaksCeramics.

Whimsical Bird House, by Rose4aname.


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