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} Anne Ten Donkelaar

Flowery art can either be kinda cheesy, or really cool. It’s really a fine line.

I think Anne Ten Donkelaar won this bet! Her pieces are 3D collages made from pressed flowers and cut out flower pictures. They float, which gives them an ethereal feel, making you wish you were really tiny and could walk around the flowery scenes.

Just awesome.

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Flowah Powah

I’m not much of a faux-flower fan, I love my flowers and herbs real and smelly on my balcony each spring and summer. I like picking them out and potting them. And that some die while others bloom.

BUT! Having a cutie cat and him wanting to eat living things as soon as they come in, it can get dangerous if you don’t know all there is to know about poisoning plants for cats. Plus, I can’t seem to keep plants alive inside… Maybe my thumb turns green as a chemical reaction to the outdoors (can’t wait for spring to start my spot at the community garden for the 2nd year!).

So maybe the crocheted flowers by Suili (also known as Papercutdiecut, which I already blogged about here) are my safe and perfect solution, cause they are crafty cuuuuute! :)


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