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} Atelier-D

I recently visited 2 local design shows (SIDIM and HAUT&FORT) and found out about Atelier-D, aka Jonathan Dorthe.

He dabbles in furniture and accessories for the home, in wood, metal, plexi and fabric. You can actually see the thought put into every item offered… Just gorgeous!


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} Blake Avenue

Ahhhh reclaimed wood, how I love you. Forever and ever.

The people at Blake Avenue surely has this exact same thought on a daily basis. Their wood is recovered from architecture that dates back 80 to 150 years and used to make long lasting stunning furniture pieces. Plus, when one says recycled, one also says unique one of’s.

Sure, you probably can’t afford a piece on a impulse purchase. But you can always dream, and even, plan a purchase for the future. :)

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} Rough South Home

Rough South Home‘s aesthetics almost makes me shiver of uncontrolled love. Yep, that much.

The man behind these pieces, Clarke, salvages materials to create furniture, accessories and lighting.

More to see on his website! :)

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} Ndustries

I have a love of the vintage. But I don’t have the tools (nor the skills) to modify and repurpose some. Yet, anyway.

Over at Ndustries (Toronto), Nigel does just that, and beautifully! As of now, he concentrate on lighting and stools/magazine racks, but oh, you can just feel the possibilities his talent has for so much more too! I will def be checking this shop often! ;)

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} Orchard Studio

These totally eco-friendly chairs by Orchard Studio (UK) are made of recycled OSB board and royal mail elastics.

Pick your color, and receive it flat so you can assemble yourself. So fun!! :)

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} Birdloft

Have always loved barn wood as a material. Perhaps because it has a past, it has seen and survived numerous season changes. It has a present, one of raw sturdiness. And with the craftiness and eco-friendliness of folks like Birdloft, it can have a future.

Those little metal hardware extras are, to me, just the bright red cherry on the creamy sundae, ya know?

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} Port Rhombus

Port Rhombus Design, aka Matt Kennedy (YAY for guys on Etsy!!), shows his passion for handmade with wood and porcelain. Two very contrasted skill sets that go, in my mind, very well together!

From dis sets to lamps and furniture, every piece and design is clearly thought out carefully and executed with love! And so for that, I love everything.

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