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} Janelle Lile

Janelle Lile has two very distinct styles, watercolors and digital collages. But in so many ways, they go also so well together!

Transparency is of the essence, sometimes nature oriented, sometimes very industrial looking. Color combos are flawless!




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LBRANDterraria offers these wonderful glass globes featuring air plants, moss, rocks, sand, figurines!

Beautiful little modern worlds you can get your thoughts lost into as you gaze for hours! Just perfect since winter is lurking around the corner and green will become white… Here in Montreal anyway! :)

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Terrarium for sale

I found myself not able to stop putting pictures in here for this post! I just love terrariums, they seem so pretty and peaceful and from simply another world.

I’m planning on doing some terrariums for myself soon (try to, at the very least), with moss, in tiny glass candle jars (I’m addicted to ajscountrycottage‘s candles!! They actually smell a lot (love that!) and she has many fruity scents (I prefer fruity!)). The little jars are perfect for tiny worlds! Plus, I don’t want to reuse them only for bead storage, they are too cute (lol!).

With that said, if you don’t wanna try it yourself, but want a precious greenery, have a look at TheOakLeaves‘ shop! She offers plenty of already stable terrariums (a few months old), all tiny and all mossy. She has sold 12 of them in 2 months, so go choose yours now!

(The shop indicates shipping to the US only, but perhaps by asking it could be done in Canada? Try it, we never know!)

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