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} Score+Solder

A friend had shared this on Facebook, and I fell in love instantly!

Handmade glass terrariums, check!
Geometric shapes, check!
Fabulously dreamy example photos, CHECK!

Score+Solder definitely knows how to entice me.
Even just with their logo (which is perfect).

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Shrooms, out in the open

So I’m blog browsing along in my RSS feeds when I stop dead on a Summer Discounts post on Decor8, just staring and wanting these wonderful porcelain mushrooms! I think shrooms are cool and cute, and I lurrrrve porcelain, so it’s like my name is written on them or something! They are designed by Roost, and can be found online on Velocity between $5 and $14 each!

What’s even more fun is that this Sunday I’ll be going up north in the Laurentians for some mushroom hunting! My first time and I’m so excited and thrilled!!! Thanks to my knowing friend Emilie, there’s no risk of me poisoning myself to death unknowingly. lol!

Turnip from the garden

Turnip tails

Oops! Ladybug!

Until then, I still have my community garden spot keeping me grounded. I picked up the turnips this morning (and some radishes last week), my first ones EVER! I’m such a beginner, it’s so great to see that something is actually growing in there! Very excited! :)

My first radishes!!!!

To top it all off, you may have noticed that my blogging has been slower recently… Well, it’s because I decided to dive in!

Yep, I dove into the full-time crafting world!

I’m soooo enjoying it, I’m super motivated and therefore I spend less time in front of the computer (which I actually enjoy a lot!) and more time in front of my work table making jewelry and stitching. I wanna learn so much new skills too, like sewing, I’ll keep you updated!

So there! Now you all know, now I’m out in the open and doing it 100%!

Wish me luck and come take a peek at my buzzzzing Shop!!! :)

Flora Wall Wear - 8

Rasberria Necklace


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Terrarium for sale

I found myself not able to stop putting pictures in here for this post! I just love terrariums, they seem so pretty and peaceful and from simply another world.

I’m planning on doing some terrariums for myself soon (try to, at the very least), with moss, in tiny glass candle jars (I’m addicted to ajscountrycottage‘s candles!! They actually smell a lot (love that!) and she has many fruity scents (I prefer fruity!)). The little jars are perfect for tiny worlds! Plus, I don’t want to reuse them only for bead storage, they are too cute (lol!).

With that said, if you don’t wanna try it yourself, but want a precious greenery, have a look at TheOakLeaves‘ shop! She offers plenty of already stable terrariums (a few months old), all tiny and all mossy. She has sold 12 of them in 2 months, so go choose yours now!

(The shop indicates shipping to the US only, but perhaps by asking it could be done in Canada? Try it, we never know!)

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Waiting for Spring

I used to LOVE winter.

But since successfully trying edible gardening last summer… Let’s just say that now, I just like winter.

With that said, this cute Trio Herb Pot by Sagaform is actually torturing me! I can’t wait so start my balcony garden!

Via } Design Crush

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Plantable Papers

I just found out about these oh-so-pretty plantable cards from Porridge Papers.

Apparently many people KNOW about plantable papers embedded with seeds, that are usually not good looking, but it’s the first time *I* ever even heard about it existing!

Plus these are oh-so-not ugly and letterpressed with a cute design and font. I would totally send these with a sweet note! A card that actually grows into something pretty and yummy, now that’s wonderful!

Via } Modish


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Plantes colorées

Après les accessoires pour oiseaux dont j’avais parlé ici il y a quelque temps, J Schatz offre maintenant des pièces pour plantes! Toujours aussi jolis et colorés que les autres items, ces pots sauront agrémenter vos pouces vertes!

Via } Decor8

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Basilic et persil, jour 9

Basil, day 9

Parsley, day 9

Jour 9

Le basilic devient fort! Quand je frotte le dessus des pousses, ça sent en plus! Youppi!

Et le persil fait son apparition, tranquillement! :)


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