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I love terrariums. Once, a few years back, I did a couple with moss, but then I over watered. Yeah, learning curve was too steep! lol! Now, I think I’m ready to try again!

These geometric glass containers by ABJ Glasswork are just the thing! (They could also be stylish pocket emptiers?) They are simple to let plants inside shine, yet have a definite presence in a room. Affordable, too! And we like that.

I might treat myself eventually. In the meantime, my aunt recently gave me my grandmother’s vintage faceted glass candy jar, with lid (see below). I think it could be just perfect to try my hand at terrariums once again! To be followed… ;)



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} Pia

Stacking has never been so beautiful.

These colorful vessels by Pia Design are just a piece of art. Three materials, three textures, color pops! Unique and gorgeous! I’m in love.

Also worth a check is their other products. Including this fab cutting board!

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} Score+Solder

A friend had shared this on Facebook, and I fell in love instantly!

Handmade glass terrariums, check!
Geometric shapes, check!
Fabulously dreamy example photos, CHECK!

Score+Solder definitely knows how to entice me.
Even just with their logo (which is perfect).

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Eco Straw World

I’m a straw girl. Yes I know, straws are so bad for the environment — 15 minutes use and then pops into the junk for years and years. I just get cold sores so easily with cans and all!

But I finally found THE solution for the rest of my life: Straws by Carli.

Handmade glass straws, from out of locally bought borosilicate glass (that’s the same glass as the known Pyrex), and hear it people: Garanteed for LIFE! With normal use, of course. Yep, that means: broke one? You get a replacement!

I think I’m going to buy some right now, and then make me a little linen pouch to carry one around when I get outside and order a soft drink for lunch!


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Toma Objects

I am so glad to blog about this today!!

Thomas Design is a small graphic design firm from here in Montreal. The owner, Anne Thomas, is a really great and nice woman!

They also make a few objects for everyday use like glasses and vases! And they now have an Etsy shop called Toma Objects so you can delight yourself from their goodies!

For more goodies, hop on to the Toma Objects website!

Worth a look… or two! :)

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Glass Lust

Snowy Day Platter, by Sirius Fnord.

When I was in high school, trying to decided what to do with my life and what to study, I narrowed it down to 3.

First there was graphic design (which I ended up studying for 3 years and working it for 7, and now I don’t anymore except for my own needs, lol). Then architecture (which I put aside when I figured out I needed to take alchemy and math classes). And the 3rd was glass blowing (which I put aside because I hate extreme heat and very hot summer days, and well… can’t get out of that with this skill).

Turns out, I’m not a fan of most handmade glass work I can see out there. I prefer simple design, low number of colors, and most of it is really flashy and twirly and rainbow-eske color wise. I do, however, admire the skills involved very much! I just wish there was more of the clean designs available, that’s just my personal taste!

With that said, with a little search in the last few days, I found some glass artists that I really like!


Sirius Fnord


Studio Rent




Lisa Cahill Glass


Sassy Glass Studio


Nomadic Glass


White Hot Glass


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Looooooving these glass milk bottles from Three Potato Four! Simple, yet the number really gives a modern twist on this classic!

Plus, the packaging looks just wonderful and well thought out, as seen via } Poppytalk!


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