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Anmwe } Help

The lovely Jen over at IndieFixx is organizing fundraiser auctions of donated handmade items to help raise money to help out Haïti, who’s critically needing help after a massive earthquake that basically destroyed everything.


Bid on the wonderful items that the handmade community members have donated! More info on how to bid and how it works, right HERE!

At this time, and in the first days-weeks following any tragedy of this kind, donations of clothing and food can’t actually get there… Money is really what helps!

If you want to make a money donation,

I personally donated via Avaaz.org (Stand with Haiti campaign),
an organization I really like for all their work on many social issues, and all that without receiving any funding from governments or corporations.
This means your donation will not be tax deductible (but that’s not the point of donating, ain’t it?), but you can bet on having 100% truthful information.
No amount is too small! Paypal accepted.

Also register to receive their newsletter!
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PS: Hopefully you’ll see a Nea item in the auction soon!!

BID on my Topo Necklace, TODAY ONLY! :)

Right here.


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