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Yarncraft Denim & Design

Yarncraft Denim & Design is a new denim and tops small company from Montreal.

So new that what you see is the first ever line, it’s a Spring 2008 collection and it’s not even available for purchase in stores yet!

Ain’t I so fashion-forward? lol
‘Cause Angie, from the Headquarters store, the only spot where I sell my jewelry here in Montreal, just invited me to join her Yarncraft Facebook Group, so that’s how I know. :)

It will be available in Feb. 2008 in a few Montreal stores around town: Adam & Eve, Suteki, Blue Marine, Toxik, Diosa, Jenny Jane.

If your favorite store is not in that list, ask them to hold the line!! As like any new fashion company, getting into stores is a real challenge, ’cause they “are so new”!

So, ask your favorite stores to hold Yarncraft!! :)


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