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Missing my Herbs

There’s snow, of course, in Montreal. Well, ysterday was pretty hot for a Dec. 14, so half of it melted, but it’s winter for sure!

I miss my balcony herbs! I’m thinking I might try some indoor herb gardening during the Holidays if I can get a few days off. I have never tried this before, so I don’t know how well or how long it’ll last, but it’ll be a fun project to try and get away from work a little!

Aren’t these little nickel herb tags so cute and perfect as can be? You’ll find them in Nina Gibson‘s shop!

Yes, she’s also the one making the Tally Mark earrings seen below! You’ve probably seen them a few times around the blog block! :)



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Waiting for Spring

I used to LOVE winter.

But since successfully trying edible gardening last summer… Let’s just say that now, I just like winter.

With that said, this cute Trio Herb Pot by Sagaform is actually torturing me! I can’t wait so start my balcony garden!

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Plantable Papers

I just found out about these oh-so-pretty plantable cards from Porridge Papers.

Apparently many people KNOW about plantable papers embedded with seeds, that are usually not good looking, but it’s the first time *I* ever even heard about it existing!

Plus these are oh-so-not ugly and letterpressed with a cute design and font. I would totally send these with a sweet note! A card that actually grows into something pretty and yummy, now that’s wonderful!

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