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} Shade on Shape

Oh, the power of a pop of color in a monochrome room! Sure, the tone on tone or black&white color ideas have their power and benefits, BUT I’m a fan for color (my living room IS turquoise, after all.), and mostly great color combos. Call it an ex-graphic designer default setting, perhaps…

Shade on Shape‘s emphasis is all about simple yet powerful (thru color) home objects. Vibrant pops! :)

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} Tilissimo

Coasters are such a simple affordable everyday life item, but can also easily add color and style to your living quarters! Totally digging these colorful and graphic re-purposed ceramic tile ones by Tilissimo!


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} Boots N Gus

Boots N Gus takes vintage to a whole new level by pairing it with recycling and reusing.

Those beautiful vintage plates and kitchenware can have a new life in the form of lighting: brilliant way to upcycle! Also, bird feeders and hanging planters. Lovin’ it all!

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} Pipes

Always loves the raw metal industrial look in decor. It usually bring a space to another level, so touches of it are always welcomed, I think!

Stella Blue Designs offers home products made (in part) out of iron plumbing pipes. There, you’ll find clothing racks, lighting and bookshelves! Oh my, what a beautiful idea!

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} Raw Dezign

Raw Dezign makes sure that geometry is well represented! From decor items to gardening containers, the little resin triangles gather together to form bigger shapes that are just stunning to look at!

Look at those clocks. LOOK! Incredible! hehe ;)

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} Atelier-D

I recently visited 2 local design shows (SIDIM and HAUT&FORT) and found out about Atelier-D, aka Jonathan Dorthe.

He dabbles in furniture and accessories for the home, in wood, metal, plexi and fabric. You can actually see the thought put into every item offered… Just gorgeous!


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} Poast

From decor to accessories, Poast has no limits to what it can do with porcelain. Little houses as their shapes of choice, their offered items are dainty and cute!

Wear a house? Hell yeah! :)

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