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} Warburg House by Bioi

Over in Warburg (Alberta, Canada), there is this precious little cabin house I’ve been seeing pop all over Pinterest/Facebook. The Warburg House is just so simple and cute!

Designed by Bioi, the 748sq/ft space goes for wood and concrete, for clean lines and open space. At the back, a repurposed log cabin, used for storage.

Compact, efficient, simple, liveable. Pretty desirable for all of it under $100,000, might I add! :)


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} Orchard House

This Orchard House in Czech Republic, by Nachazel Architekti, is just making my blood flow stop.

Wood, concrete. More wood. Wooooood. Hahaha!

Animated plans (below)? Yeahhh, loving it! :)

via } Architizer <– LOVE that site, it’s worth a look!! :)

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} Geometric Houses

Boston’s William O’Brien Jr. designs houses that I’d absolutely live in, in a heartbeat! Who wouldn’t, seriously.

Above are the Twin Houses, and below is the Allandale House. Even the plans are pretty!! *awesomeness faint*

via } Fubiz

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Little Birdie Told Me

Mushroom Ceramic Bird House, by MudPuppy.

Spring is here and little birdies are singing along all day while you work… And we love that, right? ;)

Why not take care of them to make sure we keep them around? Little bird houses and feeders will do the trick!

Birdfeeder 111, by Joepapendick.

Whimisical Bird House, by Clocksandwoodart.

Ceramic Acorn Bird House, by Birdartist.

Reclaimed Cedar Wren Bird House, by Andrew’s Reclaimed.
Bees and bats and butterfly houses and feeders also available, anyone? :)

In the Forest Stoneware Bird House, by Kylieparry.

Reclaimed street lights bird feeder, by Redyellowandblueink.

Hanging Bird Feeder, by LeaningOaksCeramics.

Whimsical Bird House, by Rose4aname.

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Big Handmade

I’m in love with handmade furniture! It’s like uniqueness in a giant manifestation! Although my budget disagrees with the obsession at the moment, hurts no one to look (and think about the future), right?

This wall shelf with drawers by Humanhands would look awesome amazing in any home! USD$350.

Modern metal mixed with the organic texture of wood log, suuuuure! Diamond chair by TimothyAdamDesigns at USD$745.

Fused glass and aluminum meet perfectly to have a wonderful coffee table. By bellaglass at USD$1,999.

A tall free-standing cabinet made of plywood structure, glass doors, concrete base with drawer and aluminum handles would look perfect in any living room. By elemento at USD$950.

A puffy bench is great for your tush… lol! By lunarloungedesign at USD$439.

Wlanut wood and stainless steel make great benches, right? By studio1212 priced at USD$2,300.


On the more everyday affordable side, go check out yellowcanoe‘s shop! It’s full of awesome wall racks to hang your keys or jewelry or other stuff, between USD$10 to 32! :)

Or, well, go with a furniture design tee from etceteramedia at USD$20! lol :)

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