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Need a shop to stalk for awesome, cool and did I say awesome (!?) vintage home finds? If you don’t know Hindsvik yet, where the heck have you been?!

I always want everything there, and the shop is updated with new stock very often! Every piece is like a treasure, and you can clearly see they choose everything carefully with love and care over there!

Also, for Quebec and Ontario fans, note that there is a free shipping promotion in September for you for orders over $100! YAY!

Now, go crazy ;)


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Medium Leather Bin by Gildem.

I’ve found some fabulous vessels recently, have to share them!!

Vessels can save our spaces… Make your room pretty when actually you can just put what’s lying around the house in them (balls of yarn, branches, rocks, jewels, fruit!). Pratical & pretty :)

Large Thumbshell, by AmyMisle.

Medium Cloth Bowl, by Netamir.

Gourd Bowl with Kudzu Rim, by Midnightcoiler.

Porcelain Pods, by DTerryDesigns.

1960’s Danish Teak Tray, sold by kittyBcreative.

Bambina Vessels, by Popkraft.

Ratku Rock, by Ratku.

Incense Vessel, by FredParkerPottery.


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Leave No Rim, Sugah

Silhouette Wood Coasters by Peppersprouts.

Have you noticed there’s always a don’t-leave-a-rim scene in most ongoing TV Shows? This weekend I was watching my Sex And The City DVDs (I gots the soft furry pink collection box set, love it!) and there it was. And then I caught a rerun of Friends, and there it was again.

This is very important. Get coasters, peeps! lol :)


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Mudpuppy Spoons

You know I love Mudpuppy (blogged about before here), you know I love spoons (blogged about a few times here), and you know i loooooooove ceramics, so when I discover that Mudpuppy is now making ceramic spoons, my purchasing itch starts to act out again! And A LOT!

And let’s not forget the sweet new little ceramic mushrooms too, perfect for your terrariums! :)

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Tea Light

What a cute and stylish idea it is to reuse vintage retro looking cups into night lights! They make for stylish and unique affordable practical art!

Only $10 a pop at Micah7.


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New Stuff at Nea!

I’ve been working a lot since I started doing crafts full-time! I’ve had consignment requests and a craft fair coming up in October and just preparing for a hopefully very busy Holiday season! :)

I launched some new Wall Wear pieces in my Neawear shop a few weeks ago and just realized they were not shown yet on my own blog! Here they are!

I also worked on some new necklaces the past few days and weeks! I keep making necklaces these past weeks, like there is almost no place for earrings in my head right now!

Actually, it used to be the opposite! lol! I’ll get back to earrings soon, I promise :)

And for the crafters out there, I listed new supplies in my NeaBlossoms shop, mostly czech glass beads, but other great ones too! Need some? :)


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Fact & Fancy, Brooklyn, NY

At Fact&Fancy, Brooklyn

At Fact&Fancy, Brooklyn

Love ’em? :) You can get them at Fact & Fancy in Brooklyn, NY!

My first consignment pieces outside of Montreal! YAY! Can’t wait to see how that goes!!


75B Hoyt St, Brooklyn, NY 11201 (Mapquest)
Friday 12-8, Saturday 12-8, Sunday 12-7

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