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} Boumerie

Tonight I’ll be going to Boumerie‘s 2nd comic book launch! If you’ve ever clicked on some of my “Friend Links” in the sidebar, you know what Samantha does. If not, welcome to the world my friend! lol

Her comics, first published on the web a couple times a week, is set in a 4 squares format. Subjects flow from gamer jokes (video games stories that I don’t usually get, but that find a way to be funny either way.), to toilets (Samantha has a thing for bathroom stories. haha!), to hilarious stories including Pierre-Luc (her boyfriend, he’s very popular, ya know.), to everyday adventures (well, everyday for her, because I would freak out to have so many weird things happening all the time. lol!). As you’ll see, pretty much no subject if off limits!

If you’re in the Montreal area, come get your signed copy at the book launch tonight! If not, check out her stuff weekly, and buy her books!

Ah, and… I got featured twice (as below, I’m the one just laughing, cause that’s what I actually do best.). Immortalized forevah. :D

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} Back To Life

Woah. What a busy last 2 months I’ve had! Holiday season, I’m telling ya!

The last 2 weeks were especially intense (3 craft shows in 2 weekends, that’ll do it! I split myself down the center to have it done… Nah… hehe). It’s going to calm down a little now, so I’ll be back to regular blogging. Noticed the silence, huh? :)

Talking about those shows, since I had 2 craft shows at the same time this past weekend, I have to say a special thanks to my wonderfully awesome and talented friend Paule who dedicated two days to selling my work to strangers. She even volonteered to do this, imagine that!! Merciiiiiii mille fois!!! <3

And when I say talented, I mean it.

While you’re at it, check out her new 2012 calendar she got out a few weeks ago! Cool hipster dudes, printed on beautiful textured paper! You gotta see it, and you’ll love it for sure!! :)

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} Moreno

WOAH! Talk about love at first sight! With Gabriel Moreno‘s (Madrid) work, that is. Ethereal art, delicate, sometimes colorful or not, details, details, details!

He does commercial work (how great are the Vogele Shoes ads!), as well as personal pieces, which you can buy prints of, right here.

Via } Beautiful Decay

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} Mark Weaver

Graphic designer and illustrator Mark Weaver creates visual pieces that are reminiscing of past eras using his digital collage skills perfectly. Every project is like an orgasm for the eyes. haha! I truly can’t get enough of browsing each and every piece!

Find more of his work with the “Make Something Cool Everyday” project on his Flickr!

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} Tuesday Mourning

Tuesday Mourning does in portraits, fashion, typography, and well, cuteness.

I have a special affection for her penciled series: I love how you can almost see her drawing them live when looking at the pieces. Pencil, paint, digital manipulation.

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} Recipe in a Print

Lucile’s Kitchen is a little shop owned by, well, Lucile from Paris! She is an illustrator, and we could also say she has a passion for food and cooking and baking!

She draws and paints fabulous visual recipes, and sells examples in print for all to enjoy! How perfect for any kitchen, right?

And if recipes are not your thing (aka you prefer to just eat lol), there are some non-recipe prints as well, like the one on “macarons”. But CAUTION! May cause addictions! :D

À la cuisine!!!


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Paule T.B.

Today I’m totally pimping my crowd: meet my super-talented friend Paule!

She is an illustrator I got to know a few months ago and she is just full of passion for her work (and very friendly too, of course!). She likes to play with different papers too, so your favorite print will totally be of quality!

She loooooves animals and started this concept series with dogs (and soon, cats too!) and their owners, so adorable! She DOES accept custom work, so contact her if you’d like a quote to have your own “you + man’s best friend(s)”!

We even had a little photoshoot in my new living room (yep, that grey wall where you can see her holding her awesome prints, that’s MY wall and I’m behind the camera taking the pics! lol) It really was a pleasure!

Now hop on over to the shop ;)


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