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My future crafting space

I’ve been wanting a crafting space for a while now… An actual table with actual permanent space to do my jewelry, cut and fold my tags and greeting cards, spread some supplies around to work better… And have all inspiring materials nearby (magazines, objects, supplies, etc.).

Well I think I’m about to do that in a very near future!

In order to do so, a big fall cleaning will be necessary (you have NO idea! lol), along with reorganizing the living room (where the crafting area will be), the office and the bedroom (where some of the furniture will move to the living room) so I have storage for all that stuff! The kitchen will be spared! lol

I also decided to sell my 2 very much loved vintage retro style chairs that I love, but that I clearly have no space for… Boo… But yay for extra space, and bucks!

I’m thinking I’m going to buy this Ikea Norden table below, which has 6 drawers and can be folded if needed, even though I feel like I’m being ripped off!!! (Canadian dollar is STRONGER than US dollar right now, but the table is $179 US and $219 CDN… $40 difference… I just don’t get it!! Ikea, please explain it to me!! )

As for making it pretty, a calendar is in order, and Debi Van Zyl‘s gorgeous and original handmade graphic calendar is just the thing to inspire anyone, and of course, keep track of days!

I’ve also spotted these cute vintage glass jars to put supplies in, I’m just in love with their shape! They will be coming in the mail soon! :)

What y’all think of everything? :)



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