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} End of 2013 Nea Recap

I’ve been on a really long blogging hiatus (besides last week’s post), right!? I’ve been having trouble redefining blogging for myself, since the previous way doesn’t seem to get my blood pumping of excitement anymore (not as much anyway). That’s without mentioning that Holiday season is a totally cra-zay time where blogging falls pretty far in the priority list…

That said, I also managed to create a lot of new items at the end of 2013, right before everything went haywire. lol!

So, here’s a little recap! :)





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} Puces Pop Automne 2013


Puces Pop Automne 2013 arrive vite!

Puces Pop, c’est des dizaines d’artisans dans les domaines de la bouffe, joaillerie, art, déco, mode, objets utilitaires… Tant de joli à découvrir et admirer!

J’y serai avec les nouveautés 2013 ainsi que les classiques, et puis plein de sourires ;) On se voit là, oui?!

Église St-Michel (105, rue St-Viateur Ouest, Montréal)
Jeudi 26 septembre: 16h à 20h
Vendredi 27 septembre: 12h à 20h
Samedi 28 et dimanche 29 septembre: 11h à 18h


Puces Pop Spring 2013 is coming up quick!

Puces Pop is about dozens of artisans of fields ranging from food, jewelry, art, decor, fashion, object… So much to discover!

I will be there with the new items of 2013 as well as the classics, and of course lots of smiles! ;) I’ll see you there, right?!

St-Michel Church (105 St-Viateur Street West, Montreal)
Thursday september 26th: 4 to 8pm
Friday september 27th: 12 to 8pm
Saturday september 28th and Sunday 29th: 11am to 6pm


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} 7yr Anniversary SALE! 20% OFF!


Now 7 years of existence for Nea!!

WOAH, time flies!! And at the same time, it doesn’t go by so quickly also! I still love what I do after all those years, and weirdly enough, it’s the longest time I’ve spent doing a job! Altho it feels more like play time most of the days. There might be something there… lol ;)

I always do an anniversary sale in my Etsy shop, so here it is! YAY!

Here: Nea’s Etsy Store
What: 20% OFF everything in my Etsy shop
Promocode at checkout: NEAis7

Thanks so much again to everyone for following my work all around the web and locally! :)


Maintenant 7 ans d’existance pour Nea!!

WOW, le temps passe si vite! Et si lentement à la fois! J’aime toujours mon travail après tout ce temps, et étrangement, c’est le plus long emploi que j’ai tenu! Par contre, on dirait une session d’amusement la plupart du temps… Il y a surment quelque chose à retenir là-dedans… haha! ;)

Je fais toujours une vente anniversaire, alors la voici! YOUPPI!

Boutique: Nea sur Etsy
Quoi: 20% DE RABAIS sur tout dans ma boutique Etsy
Code promo au “checkout”: NEAis7

Merci beaucoup encore de suivre mon travail un peu partout autour du web et localement! :)

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} Item of the Week Promo


Hey ladies!

I decided to try something new this week, it being a little promo (which as you may know, I rarely do).

It’s an “Item of the Week” kind of concept, in which I choose a specific item and price it down for for you lovely buyers. :)

For this first time around, I chose a popular one in the jewelry department, the Yadira Necklace, which is available in either gold or silver tone, featuring a matte finish leaf and a cute little black bird.

I knocked $8 from the original price, making it a little more than 20% off for a week!

What are you waiting for?! Go to my Etsy Shop now! :)


Bonjour chères!

J’ai décidé d’essayer quelque chose de nouveau cette semaine, il s’agit d’une petite promotion (comme vous le savez peut-être, ça n’arrive pas souvent).

Un concept du genre “item de la semaine”, dans lequel je choisi un item précis et ajuste le prix à la baisse pour vous fabuleuses acheteuses! :)

Pour cette première fois, j’ai choisi un modèle populaire dans le domaine du bijoux, le collier Yadira, disponible en teinte dorée ou argentée, et qui met en valeur une feuille au fini mat, ainsi qu’un mignon petit oiseau noir.

J’ai tranché 8$ du prix original, ce qui le rend à un peu plus de 20% de rabais pour une semaine entière!

Qu’est ce que vous attendez?! Rendez-vous dans ma boutique Etsy! :)

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} New Nea Stuff!

I went to NYC last month, with my best friend Sandra who was back home a little via Australia. I had never gone to NYC before, and obviously, you can’t see/do EVERYTHING in 4 days (especially in winter (we got 2 gorgeous days and 2 freezing/super windy days, not so bad!)), but a couple of things were non-negociables, including a little bit of supplies shopping. You get to bring back a whopping $800 of stuff without taxes if you cross the border for more than 2 days, it was to take advantage of, without going crazy of course! ;)

And so on the last day, before taking my bus that same night, I sent my lovely friend away to walk around and shop the fashion district, while I took some Nea time: a 2 hour shopping frenzy in a secret-heaven-on-earth place, digging thru PILES AND PILES of boxes of vintage stock…

I ended up coming out of there with 20 pounds (the stuff was sold per pound, I’m not exaggerating here!) of metal pieces. Imagine me at US/Canada customs, half asleep at 3:30am, getting out of the bus and dragging my heavy supplies groceries bag (plus my handbag, plus my other gym bag luggage), one non-steady step at the time… It was totally ridiculous looking, but oh well. lol! (Yes, I need to buy a rolling luggage, I know.)

I since started using those, as you can see from some of these 5 new items I added to my Etsy shop recently.

And, so much more is to be used soon, they all get my blood up and pumping with inspiration, so stay tuned! :D

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} La Chica

I LOVE to buy/wear rings. And altho I try to limit myself just a tad (money doesn’t grow on trees?), some handmade sellers make it hard on me.

As does La Chica de los Anillos. Her shop is full if cute dainty delicate beauties! From little radishes to tiny fishies and pods, shapes have a freeform look, making them all so perfect for everyday life.

I’ll take ’em all. Thanks!

lol ;)

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} New Colorful at Nea!

Summer is around the corner, yeah? So it’s a perfect timing for colorful new Nea items!

I’m also working on more new stuff coming in the following weeks. Creative juices are flowinggggg!

Click on the pictures to be taken to the listings! What ya think? ;)

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} 5yr Anniversary Sale!

Nea is now 5 years old! Well well! WOOHOO! :) Wow, time passes by so fast sometimes!

To celebrate, I am having my annual anniversary 15% OFF SALE in my Etsy Shop! Just use the code “5Bdays” at checkout from August 15th to 21st! :)

I also decided to redo this whole site/blog as a gift to, well, myself!

My now ex-blog Creativadoration had more than 540,000 visits in the past 5.5 years of it’s existence, and that is something I am very proud of! But, I felt it was time for the blog to merge with Nea, so that now everything can be found in one single place!

I really hope you like it! :)

I had much fun designing this new website, my ex-graphic designer past coming in handy! Then the wonderful Paule created some super cute illustrations for me for the header and footer! After the look was done and ready, Valérie took everything and coded it into WordPress, so that what you see right now is exactly what I designed! And let’s not forget that the whole idea of this new merged website/blog was a suggestion from Guillaume and his marketing point of view! Thank you all for working with me on this! :)

Now, go shop 15% off, people! :D

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It’s not a joke.

To counter the fact that I hate April’s Fool day (I go paranoid, and fall in every trap possible… I hate it, I’m telling ya! lol), I decided impulsively this morning to offer a 15% OFF everything in my Etsy Shop for 3 days only!

Shopaholics, GO! :)

Promo code at checkout: itsnotajoke


Love that font in my little flyer as much as I do?
It’s Museo, and get 3 weights of it totally free, right here :)


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New at Nea!

SOOOOO much has happened recently, so much new!! So here’s the post for all of it at the same time! :)

As you can see above, I launched a new collection of 5 stitched necklaces on wooden pendants! I’m really loving the texture contrast with these! I hope you’ll give ’em love too :)

Also, as you can see above again, I now have a series of new pictures for style you already know and love! My wonderful friend (and Etsy seller!) Noemiah agreed to be my model for a day last month! Don’t you just love her look (and awesome glasses!)? :)

Hopefully that’ll help you shop online, I know it’s not always easy as it seems! :) Look for them now on about half my jewelry pieces!

The Serpentine line also made it’s debut! It’s about a simple dashed design with lovely enamel chains. For the unique discreetness!

Last but not least, I recently added 3 bricks & mortar shops (from a 2 to now 5, big jump!) and 2 online shops where I sell my wares! Toronto, Ottawa and Old-Montreal can now find my stuff near them!! Go to my website to get addresses and links! ;)


Voila! Now you know everything… or so ;)


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Nea’s 2yr Anniversary SALE!

Sale is OVER! Thank you so much to everyone who celebrated with me! :)

2yr Anniversary Flyer

YAY! It’s been 2 years since I started selling on Etsy under the name Nea!

For the occasion, I’m having my FIRST EVER SALE!
Everything is either 10% or 15% off!

Plus, item prices already have been marked down! No promos codes, no revised invoices, just pop in and shop!! :P

See you at my Neawear Shop to celebrate! :D


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Rural Abandon

Rox Rings

I am real fan of Rural Abandon‘s (aka Kelly) work, especially the “Rox” series! Yesterday, I purchased the Rox necklace, which is the final pieces of my collection, since I already have the Rox post earrings (that I have on all the time, they are my “everyday earrings”), plus the Rox rings (seen above) and the Rox oxidized rings as well!

Turns out Kelly is a fan of my Deploy earrings, and bought a pair too! I love it when other creatives buy from me, it’s like a double compliment!

I have my eye on this awesome ring too (below). Maybe, one day… hehe ;)


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Acorn Mania

I used to make some cute acorn necklaces with some awesome chartreuse green beads and awesome coppery bead caps, but they sold out this weekend! I loved doing them so much!

Thankfully, nature-lovers can still have access to these new comers I made last night, and with a choice of color too! Weeee! :)

I recently purchased some bigger chartreuse green beads, hopefully they will fit under these new caps… To be followed!


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SweetSpot Loves Me

OMG! Nea is featured on Sweetspot, Montreal national edition, this morning! Incredible! I had almost forgot I had wrote to them so long ago!

What a great surprise to wake up to two sales to Canadians (most my buyers are US residents!).

I love SweetSpot! I am a subscriber to all their newsletters, for every Canadian city they feature for while now! It’s so great to discover other Canadian products, events and designers daily! I’m so thrilled to be part of it!

Thank you, thank you, thank you SweetSpot! :)


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