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} Toodles Noodles

I don’t really like Halloween, this is why I’m fighting back with a “Holiday” post! Haha! :)

These wrapping papers from Toodles Noodles might be just the special thing you’re looking for to wrap your gifts pretty in now less than 2 months! Cool motifs are printed on kraft paper and is sold in sheets!

Lots of other paper goodies in the shop too (tags and cards and calendars and notepads and…!), worth a look! :)


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} Sidonie Yang

Washable Kraft paper everyday use objects? Yes ma’am!

Sidonie Yang explores this material like no other, and it totally works! Paired usually with felt, it’s texture clash heaven!

And so, prepare to sport a stylish paper bag ladies, cause these are just so cool looking! :)

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