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} Atelier D

I truly adore Atelier D! (Even blogged about it before) It all has a sense of aesthetics that is SUCH my style! Plus, it’s from Montreal (hello, home!).

Jonathan’s material of choice is plywood but also acrylic, and he turns them into anything from clocks to pencil boxes to coasters. Inspired by the minimalist Swiss architecture movement, there is very much of a geometric aspect in his work, which I totally love as you probably can imagine.

Go check it out! :)



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} iluxo

I have this small parcel of wall in my living room, and I didn’t want a clock to go there (altho it seems like a logical spot for a clock to pretty much anyone but me, I don’t really want time there…). Or do I…?

Loving these designed clocks by iluxo! Hum… Maybe I should change my mind on the idea I have for that wall…! ;)

Also check out their shop for necklaces! The 3D Polaroid one is just too awesome!!

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} Puzzling

Yup! I’m a puzzle fan, altho I don’t do some often… Last time was like 6 years ago maybe? Add wood, eco-friendly (sustainably harvested wood, solar-kiln dried, plant-based, bio-degradable plastic sleeve) and handmade, and I go completely gaga!

These wooden puzzles by Timber Green Woods might look easy at 4in large, but hum, I have a feeling they are just NOT. I’ll let you know in an update, cause I’m going to buy one, for sure.

Also check out the rest of a shop, it’s totally worth a look! Loving the Spaghettiometer in particular! :D

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