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} Olive Thomas

I was starting to wonder why so many handmade shoes came from Israel. Turns out, there is a shoe making and designing school there! How awesome!

Which brings me to Olive Thomas, a young lady from there. Printed shoes. HECK YEAH!! I also adore her classic shapes with a unique twist, and great color/leather combo choices, all available between sizes 5 to 10.5.

Gotta love it, right!? :)


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} Tamar Shalem

The craftsmanship of some artisans is sometimes so overwhelming to me!

It’s pretty much the emotion I had while stumbling into Tamar Shalem‘s shop. He offers beautiful handmade shoes and boots made of leather, and skill, and patience.

Sure, it’s not a Payless price tags. But honestly, it’s pretty much the same prices that you’d pay for a lot of the mass made leather shoes out there. Hence, there’s really no reason to deprive yourself of a pair! ;)

(Also, use the code “freeshippingww” at checkout, for, well, free shipping worldwide.)

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} Oropopo

I’m not one for bracelets or cuffs, but I think I *might* be coming around after seeing these beauties!

Designed by Oropopo via Albuquerque (New Mexico), these leather, suede and metal etched and cut-out pieces are as detailed as they are subtle in an overall look. A perfect combination for pretty much any occasion as well as everyday 9 to 5!

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} Almanac Industries

Almanac industries plays with leather and paper, screen-printing and letterpress and sewing… They make card cases, notebooks, letter notebooks, guestbooks, fabric cases, and wise words in lettering awesomeness.

Can’t wait to see what they come up with next! :)

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} Love Jules

Holy crap! I just fell in LOVE.

With Love Jules Leather Studio, to be precise.

Western Canadian Julie makes leather goodies look just so cool! Including boat shoes! OH! Perfect colors, perfect laser etching designs, perfect relaxed style. Handmade bliss. Lovin’ itttttt.

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} Wood and Faulk

Wood and Faulk offers high quality craftsmanship items (bags, belts, camera straps) made of mainly leather, but also sturdy cotton canvas fabrics. I bet these bags will outlast yearsss of heavy duty use!

You should also take some time to check out Matt‘s journal, where he explores other designs (including some tutorials, nice!), and other materials, like wood (*faint*). Oh, and fashion purchases (shoes, anyone?) as well as everyday subjects (kubb? or upholstery?).

All of his pictures are always insanely beautiful, too.

Can I marry him?

Ok ok, ’nuff said. lol :)

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} ClutchNY

There are only 2 items to show you from ClutchNY‘s new Etsy shop.

I know, sad. But oh my, they are 2 great hand-dyed leather clutches you can’t help but drool over!

Let’s hope for MORE, soon!! :D

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Unemployed Designer

In these hard economic times, it isn’t really a shock to find a shop called Unemployed Designer! It’s a creative way to put a positive spin on the situation!

“Most everyone else just laughs out loud when I tell them the name of my new shop. Let’s face it, when life hands you lemons, you make lemonade. And the way I figure it, if I’m making lemonade, I may as well open a lemonade stand!”

In her shop, you’ll find patent leather goodies, for your home and for your carrying needs (business cards, lenses and photos).

Get your shiny ON!


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Cha Cha

Cha Cha, from Toronto, makes some of the most prettiest bags I’ve seen in a while! The shop is just full of fabulous leathers and shapes, metal buckles and studs, fabulous handles and straps!

Can’t afford the real deal? That’s OK! Go on to Cha Cha Samples for discounted 100% functional samples, one of a kinds and old stock!


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