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More Indie Books

Issue 2, by Here & Noun.

I already made some posts on self-published books (here and here), but of course, there’s always more to discover! I’m throwing in a few zines too this time!

Now, I never read all of these yet, but I hope to get a chance to soon, because they all look very interesting!

Check them out! ;)

A Girl Named Charlie Lester, by Carissa Halston.

Sweet Charlotte’s Seventh Mistake, by Cori Crooks.

The Kitchen, by milkntea.

The Yellow Note, by April Ann Roy.

Signed copy of Knit Knit, by Sabrina Gschwandtner.

Worn Fashion Journal, by Worn.


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XY, pour homme seulement

La Presse présente XY, un magazine virtuel pour hommes.

Visuellement aéré et attirant, les articles sont bien écrits et intéressants (oui oui!), les sujets très diversifiés, les images attirantes, et surtout, pas de pitounes décoratives en vue!

À lire! (Oui oui!! haha)

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ReadyMade goes virtual

ReadyMade‘s new “Green Design Issue” goes virtual, perhaps to be logical with the “green” part? LOVE IT!

Right here, and free!


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Busy, sick, busy-sick

I’ve been busy first days of the week (with migraines), then sick, now I’m busy-sick! ARG! What a weird week! (My man’s sick as well, with a lot of fever and all… Compared to him, I look like I’m full of life!) :(

Anyway, I think I wont pressure myself into blogging until I get better, unless I have a very big crush on something until then and can’t resist! lol

I’ll leave you with this… I received this week my copy of Famous Québec Magazine (they give it in Famous Players Cinemas): a full page just for me! FULL PAGE! How awesome is that, right?! It’s in French, so if you can’t read it, you still can SEE it!


Full page article & Blueberry Tea


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Blueprint is Dead.

OMG I’m sooo sad right now!!

I just learned that my favorite magazine, Blueprint, will print out it’s last issue Jan/Feb 2008. Why, oh, why?!?!

They will include some Blueprint-like content in Martha Stewart Wedding Magazine… Why!? I don’t wanna get married, I want Blueprint!!!!!

It was just the perfect mag for me: fashion, DIY, handmade, tips & tricks… Plus it was sooo beautiful, and I’m difficult on that aspect! WHY STOP IT!?!?!??! *I’m about to have a meltdown* lol

Now I have to figure out the refund process for the rest of my subscription, and *try* to replace Blueprint with another not-so-perfect magazine… Gosh…

It’s a sad sad thing…

Via } Design*Sponge


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Blueprint flashback

Missed the first issue of Blueprint magazine? Worry not!

You can now check it out online HERE! :)

Need more Blueprint in your daily life? Check out the Bluelines blog!

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Blueprint’s fonts obsessed

Since receiving my Blueprint magazines, I’ve been obsessed with the fonts in that same magazine. Really. Obsessed.

Today I went on a search to find out the what they are, and how much they cost!


– First up, the Blueprint logo, which is Fling from ITC, at $39 USD:


– Next, the text is Filosofia from Emigre, a serif font I actualy like (!), at $95 USD for 7 styles:


Last, but not least (my favorite), a superbe accent font, named Kursivschrift from Linotype, comes in 5 styles at $24 USD each:


My! That Kursivschrift is REALLY tempting!! I WANT it! Now!

Funny thing is, I have had this new font crush (that I actually have) for a few months now, which is Matrix Script Book, from Emigre. It’s awesome and pretty! Check it out:


I’m soooo “au goût du jour”! lol

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