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} Lightexture

Lightexture (what a cool name!) is a collaboration between 3 creatives: an architect, a lighting designer and a ceramic artist.

It makes for beautifully textures light fixtures (in clay or in metals), all with particular attention to how the light travels once lit, to create unique ambiances and patterns on the wall. Just lovely!

Also check out this Handmade Portrait video to know more about them! :)

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} Pipes

Always loves the raw metal industrial look in decor. It usually bring a space to another level, so touches of it are always welcomed, I think!

Stella Blue Designs offers home products made (in part) out of iron plumbing pipes. There, you’ll find clothing racks, lighting and bookshelves! Oh my, what a beautiful idea!

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} Atelier-D

I recently visited 2 local design shows (SIDIM and HAUT&FORT) and found out about Atelier-D, aka Jonathan Dorthe.

He dabbles in furniture and accessories for the home, in wood, metal, plexi and fabric. You can actually see the thought put into every item offered… Just gorgeous!


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} EXOvault

Wood, metal. Engraving, cutouts. Protection, style.

I’m about to buy an iPhone just so I can shop at EXOvault. Seriously.

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Teaming Up

Lovely ladies ArtMind and Lila Ruby King have teamed up recently to create some jewelry pieces mixing porcelain and metal. Leafs, dots, textures, adore!

I have always been a fan of these two since I saw their each of their work for the first time (how can you not??) and they truly make an unbeatable combination!

Also check out these new little porcelain bowls by ArtMind :)


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