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Souk & HotCakes & see you next week!

Tiny Bunny

Tiny Flora Tiny Leaf

Souk@Sat Exclusives

This weekend is an event I’ve been hoping to join for years here in Montreal, Souk@Sat, and working on non-stop (except for having a cold since last week and trying to rest a little to get back on track) for 3 weeks now, 14 hours a day. SO thrilled to be part of the selected artists this year, words cannot explain!

As soon as I knew I was selected for my Wall Wear, I ordered some wonderful vintage metal ornate frames (made in Italy) just for this event! I wanted some exclusive items for the occasion, plus my normal framed pieces in hoops, and as you can see from a few of them shown above, it’s looking gooood!!!

All the pieces that don’t sell will go in my Shop in the following weeks! As much as I want them available to everybody, I’m hoping everything will sell! lol! Either way, I’m thinking I might have some embroidered pieces framed like this in in the Shop in 2009. They look hot, right?



There is also another event this weekend in Montreal, another craft fair you would want to visit right after mine, lol, it’s called HotCakes! I was supposed to go, but since they are both at the same time, I had to choose only one! Many of my creative friends will be there selling their work, like Noemiah and Sara Lagacé, so hop on over there too!

Hot Cakes
December 12th, 13th and 14th, from noon to 7.
In the basement of the Saint-Enfant-Jésus Church, 5035 St.Dominique Street (between Laurier and St.Joseph)


While you are at it, make it an all handmade day and visit the Salon des Métiers d’arts, the most known and mainstream crafty event of the year!


As for me, well I’ll be deep into final sprint of preparation for the event, so I’ll be back blogging in a week! Have a nice one! :)



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