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Color Flashcards

Mixed-media sculpter Elizabeth Symingtonoffers what she calls “Color Flashcards” , which are wall decor hanging pieces.

Maybe it’s the color (or lack there of), or the braille, or the 3D idea popping off a wall, but I just LOVE these!!


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Kaleb Schad

Pencil, charcoal, ink and my best friend, Photoshop. Those are the ingredients needed for Kaleb Schad‘s mind to boil over with beautiful ethereal art.

Some are winderfully paired with quotes, you can totally feel (for me anyway) his graphic designer by day influence with the fonts and the sense of space in his art.

Just. Love. Eveything.


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Michelle Moode

Michelle Moode is a Californian woman who loves to make mixed-media art. Tea, stitching, typing, crochet, nothing is off limits, and let’s be thankful for that!!

Originals go between $30 to $55? We love that!!


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