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} Lindsey Adelman

When it comes to lighting, the simpler is usually the better. But for Lindsey Adelman‘s case, we can make an exception.

Her lamp are works of art (and are priced as such), placed in between sculptures and functional art installations. Lighted mobiles, sort of! Just sublime!


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} AMradio

So that I would be stuck on mobiles, it would have to be very contemporary looking. And that’s exactly what Melissa of AMradio does.

Made out of plastic straws (Hum hello!? Brilliant.) or in brass in some cases, she creates beautiful intricate geometric lightweight mobiles (or Xmas tree ornaments, or plant hangers) that’ll fit any modern decor.

Her shop also offers many awesome vintage finds, such as there rustic looking wooden crates.


While you’re at it, check out her husband John’s shop too, Urban Brewery, which offers small kits (with instructions, of course) for those who want to explore making their own beer! Pretty awesome!!


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Silhouette Mobiles

Why should mobiles be only cute and without humour? Salty and Sweet understands that!

With themes like PinUp and MisStep and Riot, and made out of mat board, now adults can customise their own ceilings :)


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Mobile Central

Woah! These pictures are sooooo great, aren’t they? And I mean, mobiles are so cool! Plus, made with recycled vintage French magazines, I’m about to faint. lol

From royalbuffet, between $17 ans $25. There’s no reason not to get one! :)


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Mobile Your Home Pretty

I’ve already talked about my liking of mobiles in the past, and when I found out about these ones this morning I could not resist talking about it again!

Spin Designs offers some of the cutest mobiles I’ve seen in a while! Using black museum mat board, the unique designs are laser cut and then assembled flat for shipping. So once you get it, a little assembly has to occur before your mobile is ready to pretty your home!

Priced from $38 to $52 a pop, you’ll have to be in the US to get them because no international shipping is listed… :(
However their profile does seem to indicate shipping outside the US is possible.

On the bright side, they also have in the shop some great and unique jewelry with a style I’ve never seen before! Nice!! :)


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