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} PucesPop Automne/Fall 2014


It’s time for the Fall edition of Puces Pop again!! YAY!
I’ll be there with all my inventory, plus some new jewelry pieces as well!

St-Denis Church (5075, Rivard St., Montreal)
Just in front of Laurier metro (Laurier exit)
Friday Sept 19th: 2 to 8pm
Sat/Sun Sept 20th-21st: 11am to 6pm

See you there! :)


C’est de nouveau le temps de Puces Pop! YOUPPI!
J’y serai avec tout mon inventaire, en plus de plusieurs nouveautés bijoux!

Église St-Denis (5075, rue Rivard, Montréal)
Juste en face du métro Laurier (sortie Laurier)
Vendredi 19 sept: 14h à 20h
Sam/Dim 20-21 sept: 11h to 18h

On se voit là! :)


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} Puces Pop Automne 2013


Puces Pop Automne 2013 arrive vite!

Puces Pop, c’est des dizaines d’artisans dans les domaines de la bouffe, joaillerie, art, déco, mode, objets utilitaires… Tant de joli à découvrir et admirer!

J’y serai avec les nouveautés 2013 ainsi que les classiques, et puis plein de sourires ;) On se voit là, oui?!

Église St-Michel (105, rue St-Viateur Ouest, Montréal)
Jeudi 26 septembre: 16h à 20h
Vendredi 27 septembre: 12h à 20h
Samedi 28 et dimanche 29 septembre: 11h à 18h


Puces Pop Spring 2013 is coming up quick!

Puces Pop is about dozens of artisans of fields ranging from food, jewelry, art, decor, fashion, object… So much to discover!

I will be there with the new items of 2013 as well as the classics, and of course lots of smiles! ;) I’ll see you there, right?!

St-Michel Church (105 St-Viateur Street West, Montreal)
Thursday september 26th: 4 to 8pm
Friday september 27th: 12 to 8pm
Saturday september 28th and Sunday 29th: 11am to 6pm


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} Mural Festival Photo Day


Recently (ok, OKAY, many weeks ago already…), I learned about the Mural Festival here in Montreal, and thought right away about my friend Pierre and how we’d been saying we should do a photo day together since we first met many months earlier. Perfect opportunity right?!

Now, this is also a tad intimidating for me, since Pierre’s actually a freelance photographer. As in full-time job. I mean, the dude lives for and from his camera, he’s super talented, and here I am wanting to “mesure up”? Huhhhh, I don’t think so. lol!

Sooo, I put that scary thought way far in my mind, and went in with my usual approach for photodays, which I would qualify more as fascination. It really does fascinate me that two people can go at the same spot, at the exact same time, and come up with such different results. The eye doesn’t see the same from a person to the next, nor does the connections in each brain follow the same route. (And nor does our photography and life experiences, nor gear, match. lol) Our end results clearly shows all of that!

That goes to prove one of my favorite mottos: everyone is different, and also same. Sure, generalization can be useful to explain a point or theory, but fact of the matter is, we are unicity.

Anyway! Back to the main subject… Mural Festival. It was a street art event that was held on St-Laurent street in June, so I’m kinda later for this post. But then again, two positives: 1- those big murals are still there yo. ;) and 2- Pierre was quick publishing his shots on his blog, so it balances out my tardiness… Doesn’t it…? Maybe…? No…? Ah… Alrighty then. lol!

Here we go for mine! (Feel free to click to see bigger versions.)


Oops, wasn’t I there for Mural? … As you can see, I must admit I felt myself kinda fighting against my natural photography instincts. I tend to go macro, nature or architecture when I’m out with my camera. SO, I sometimes had to “force myself” to explore that for what I was there. There is hope, cause I was able to do a little of it…

The talent of some people, I tell ya! Wowsa!


Aaaaaand back to regular macro/nature/architecture programming… lol! (And, do note the lack of one single portrait, compared to tons of them captured thru Pierre’s eyes! I really DO like humans, I swear. lol)


Well there it is! :)

To end, two last pictures, showing HOW MUCH my camera needs a well deserved cleaning after over 7yrs of service. See all those dots?! Yeah. In a busy image, they don’t show, but in skies, it’s a pain. Used to be only 2-3, so it was easy to clean up in Photoshop, but now they are allll overrrr and it’s driving me nutsssss! I just need to GO DO IT…



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} Puces Pop Printemps 2013


Puces Pop Printemps 2013, c’est cette fin de semaine!

Puces Pop, c’est des dizaines d’artisans dans les domaines de la bouffe, joaillerie, art, déco, mode, objets utilitaires… Tant à découvrir!

J’y serai, accompagnée de mes items classiques, des nouveautés 2013, ainsi qu’avec quelques extras nouveaux morceaux jamais même dévoilés encore (incluant, imaginez-vous donc, un bracelet… on n’arrête pas le progrès! hihi).

J’espère vous y voir après votre bagel du matin! :)

Église St-Michel (105, rue St-Viateur Ouest, Montréal)
Vendredi 31 mai: 18h à 21h
1er et 2 juin: 11h à 18h


Puces Pop Spring 2013 is this weekend!

Puces Pop is about dozens of artisans of fields ranging from food, jewelry, art, decor, fashion, object… So much to discover!

I will be there with my classics, my new items of 2013, as well as with a couple of never even revealed extra pieces (including a bracelet – can you even believe it? lol).

I hope to see you there after your morning bagel! :)

St-Michel Church (105 St-Viateur Street West, Montreal)
Friday May 31st: 6pm to 9pm
June 1st and 2nd: 11am to 6pm


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} Atelier D

I truly adore Atelier D! (Even blogged about it before) It all has a sense of aesthetics that is SUCH my style! Plus, it’s from Montreal (hello, home!).

Jonathan’s material of choice is plywood but also acrylic, and he turns them into anything from clocks to pencil boxes to coasters. Inspired by the minimalist Swiss architecture movement, there is very much of a geometric aspect in his work, which I totally love as you probably can imagine.

Go check it out! :)


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} Fêtes 2012 Holiday

I will be at 3 craft shows this Holiday season! Here are the details, and I hope to see you there! :)

Je serai à 3 foires artisanales des Fêtes cette année! Voici les détails et j’espère vous voir! :)

Souk@Sat (1201, boul. St-Laurent, Montréal)
(18+ ans, 18+yo)

Novembre 30 – 12pm : 9pm
Décembre 1 – 12pm : 9pm
Décembre 2 – 12pm : 5pm

From November 30th to December 2nd, you can find my work at the SAT! My stitched pieces will be there, as well as all my jewelry. It’s just a wonderful event, full of high quality design and craft products. A must to buy some gifts for Xmas, or just to see some great Montreal talent! See you there! :)
*Please note that this year, because of Quebec alcohol permit laws, no one under 18yo can enter the space…

Du 30 novembre au 2 décembre, vous me trouverez à la SAT! J’aurai là-bas toute ma collection de broderies, ainsi que toute la collection de bijoux. Le Souk est un évènement fabuleux, rempli de produits design et créatifs de haute qualité. Parfait pour vos achats des Fêtes, ou simplement pour découvrir du talent Montréalais! Je vous y voit! :)
* Prenez note que cette année, à cause des lois sur les permis d’alcool du Québec, aucune personne agée de moins de 18 ans n’est admis à l’intérieur…

Smart Design Mart (5505, av. Casgrain, Montréal)

Décembre 7 – 5pm : 9pm
Décembre 8 – 11am : 6pm
Décembre 9 – 12pm : 5pm

On December 7-8-9, you will find me with all my work at SDM! This event is held in a huge space, and each artist is free to decorate theirs space as they’d like, which makes for a very unique vibe, an airy space and a fun way to shop for Xmas! Come say hello! :)

Les 7-8-9 décembre, venez me voir au SDM! Cet évènement se tient dans un très grand espace, et chaque artiste a la liberté de créer son propre environnement, ce qui rend le magasinage unique, dans un espace aéré, et en atmosphère spéciale pour les achats des Fêtes! Venez y faire un tour! :)

Puces Pop(Église St-Enfant-Jésus, 5035, rue Saint-Dominique, Montréal)

Décembre 14 – 6pm : 9pm
Décembre 15 – 11am : 6pm
Décembre 16 – 11am : 6pm

On December 14-15-16, it’s time for a classic! I’ll bring tons of jewelry and some of my stitched pieces, so you can do some Holiday shopping! I’ll be glad to say hi, so make sure to come!! :)

Les 14-15-16 décembre, c’est le temps d’un classique! J’y serai avec des tonnes de bijoux ainsi qu’avec des pièces brodées, afin que vous puissiez faire du magasinage des Fêtes! Je serai contente de vous saluer, alors assurez-vous de venir faire un tour! :)

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} Puces Pop Automne 2012

Next weekend is the Fall 2012 Puces Pop, YAY!!

Come say hello, and shop your favorites of course, as well as see a couple of new items I’ve cooked up recently!

If you can’t make it, don’t worry. Those new cuties will be in my Etsy Shop sometime in the next week! :)


Cette fin de semaine sera le Puces Pop Automne 2012, YOUPPI!!

Venez me dire un petit bonjour, magasiner vos favoris bien sûr, et voir quelques nouveaux items que j’ai concocter dans les dernières semaines!

Si vous ne pouvez vous y rendre, ne vous inquiètez pas! Les nouveautés seront dans ma boutique Etsy quelque part au courant de la semaine prochaine! :)

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} Classic By Nature

Classic by Nature is the works of 2 local (Montreal) ladies, Mélanie and Valérie. They offer (mostly, but not only) pillows, with very graphic symbols: some from nature, some from geometric shapes, and others from everyday objects. Popping colors all hand printed or stitched onto canvas, all at affordable prices!

Ah Montreal, you have such a huge pool of creative awesome people! :D

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} Boumerie

Tonight I’ll be going to Boumerie‘s 2nd comic book launch! If you’ve ever clicked on some of my “Friend Links” in the sidebar, you know what Samantha does. If not, welcome to the world my friend! lol

Her comics, first published on the web a couple times a week, is set in a 4 squares format. Subjects flow from gamer jokes (video games stories that I don’t usually get, but that find a way to be funny either way.), to toilets (Samantha has a thing for bathroom stories. haha!), to hilarious stories including Pierre-Luc (her boyfriend, he’s very popular, ya know.), to everyday adventures (well, everyday for her, because I would freak out to have so many weird things happening all the time. lol!). As you’ll see, pretty much no subject if off limits!

If you’re in the Montreal area, come get your signed copy at the book launch tonight! If not, check out her stuff weekly, and buy her books!

Ah, and… I got featured twice (as below, I’m the one just laughing, cause that’s what I actually do best.). Immortalized forevah. :D

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} Puces Pop Printemps 2012

This weekend is Spring Puces Pop, and I’m very glad to be part of it again!!

Come say hello, and see some new styles that I’ve cooked up for y’all in the past few weeks! Colorful, as you can see above!

If you can’t make it, don’t worry. They’ll be in my Etsy Shop sometime in the next week! :)


Cette fin de semaine sera le Puces Pop Printemps, et je suis bien contente d’en faire partie de nouveau!!

Venez me dire une petit bonjour, et voir de nouveaux modèles que j’ai concocté pour vous dans les dernières semaines! Coloré, comme vous pouvez voir plus haut!

Si vous ne pouvez vous y rendre, ne vous inquiètez pas! Les nouveautés seront dans ma boutique Etsy d’ici une semaine! :)

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} La Firme

La Firme, based in Montreal, dables into anything from object to architecture.

I had seen that folding chair somewhere around the web before, but how AWESOME is that BBQ lamp huh!? And the custom wooden bike… I have no words! :)

Via } Design Milk


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} Nous Sommes Les Filles

Last week, myself and my friends Noémie and Tamara were featured on an awesome blog called Nous Sommes Les Filles (We Are The Girls). The site is run by Julie Artacho (photographer) and Sarianne Cormier (coordinator). It presents wonderfully talented Quebec chicks and their work thru a picture and an interview, and we are now part of it! How awesome right? :)

We were lucky too, we got to have a group shot! So, check out my feature, as well as Noémie’s and Tamara’s post too!! It’s in French, but I’m sure Google Translator can help y’all out :)


La semaine dernière, moi-même ainsi que mes amies Noémie et Tamara furent présentées sur le blogue Nous Sommes Les Filles. Le site a été mis sur pied par Julie Artacho (photographe) et Sarianne Cormier (coordonatrice). Le blogue présente des filles talentueuses du Québec et leur travail à travers photo et entrevue, et notre trio fait maintenant parti de l’aventure! Génial non? :)

Nous avons même eu le petit extra d’une photo de groupe! Allez, c’est le temps de lire mon billet, ainsi que celui de Noémie et de Tamara! :)


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} Fabulous Mel

Oh YEAH! My fabulous friend Mélanie Favreau is Featured Seller (go read the interview!) on Etsy starting today! WOOHOO!!! I’m so proud of her and happy!!

‘Cause she ROCKS and her work ROCKS! I own several of her pieces and adore them!

Sterling silver jewelry, from geometric shapes to mustaches and chevrons, you’ll just fall in love with everything, I’m telling ya! :)

Now, go shop! :D

Je t’aime! <3



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} PucesPop

It’s pretty much Fall now (YAY! My favorite season!), and what that also means for me is PucesPop time!

PucesPop is a craft show that I’ve been doing for a while now, and I just love it! I’m used to working in my home, selling online or in consignment shops, and I never get to see my buyers. And that is why craft shows are so important and so fun for me! I get to see people in the flesh, and interact with those who fall in love with some of my pieces. Priceless, I’m telling ya!

If you are in the Montreal area, come say hello on
September 24-25

from 11AM to 6PM
at St-Michael’s Church, 105 St-Viateur St. West.

See the vendor directory, and I hope to see your faces this weekend!! :D

} Cash only, no sales tax at Nea!
} Facebook event


L’automne est là (YÉ! Ma saison favorite!) et ce que ça veut aussi dire pour moi c’est que c’est le temps de PucesPop!

PucesPop est une foire artisanale à laquelle je participe depuis quelque temps déjà, et j’adore! Je suis habituée de travaille de chez moi, de vendre en ligne et en boutiques, ce qui fait que je ne rencontre jamais mes acheteurs. C’est pour cette raison que les foires artisanales sont si importantes et plaisantes pour moi! Je peux de cette façon rencontrer des gens en chair et en os, et interagir avec ceux qui tombent en amour avec certaines de mes créations. Tout ça n’a pas de prix!

Alors si vous êtes dans la région de Montréal, venez me dire un petit bonjour!
24-25 Septembre

de 11h à 18h
à l’église St-Michel, 105, rue St-Viateur Ouest.

Consultez le répertoire des artisans, et j’espère voir vos visages ce weekend!! :D

} Argent comptant seulement, pas de taxes pour Nea!
} Évènement Facebook

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} A Day – August 18, 2011

I don’t know why, but the morning of August 18, I felt like taking my fun day in picture. And so, I did! Here’s some shots & story!!

Blogging & working & transportation!

I was meeting Marie-Pier of Days of August that day for a chit-chat, who was back home in Montreal this month, as she lives in Australia! We went to her sister’s bakery called Pâtisserie Rhubarbe on Laurier St. East. What a cute little (and yummy) place, I totally adored it!

With a belly full of yummy stuff, and with some rain falling on our heads, we headed nearby to one of my consignment stores, Buk&Nola, so I could drop some more of my jewelry there! I just love this store! Every time I go in I want to buy something new for my home! It’s actual torture not to.

Came back home, exhausted, but happy. And that deserves ordering sushi, right? :P

For a little bit more of pictures of my days, head out here! :)

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