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} Anne Ten Donkelaar

Flowery art can either be kinda cheesy, or really cool. It’s really a fine line.

I think Anne Ten Donkelaar won this bet! Her pieces are 3D collages made from pressed flowers and cut out flower pictures. They float, which gives them an ethereal feel, making you wish you were really tiny and could walk around the flowery scenes.

Just awesome.

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} Patty Dear

Fall in love with tiny little geometric tree landscapes from Patty Dear! HOW CUTE ARE THESE!?! (Caps intended.)

Talk about unique decor treasures! Choose monochrome for a more “serious” look, or a colorful mix for a bit more fun! Basis are reclaimed wood planks, even better than awesome. ;)

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} Our Life On Earth

These series of 4 prints by Our Life On Earth is just as beautiful as is it intriguing. Which is weird because it depicts nature items very crudely.

Direct mysteriousness, gotta love it! :)

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Janelle Lile

Janelle Lile has two very distinct styles, watercolors and digital collages. But in so many ways, they go also so well together!

Transparency is of the essence, sometimes nature oriented, sometimes very industrial looking. Color combos are flawless!



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